Cade skywalker and darth talon relationship questions

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cade skywalker and darth talon relationship questions

Oh. You weren't expecting to see Cade Skywalker macking with a Twi'lek Sith It's not half as tasteful as it looks, that's basically how Darth Talon dresses all the goddamn I'm going to take a moment to clarify my own relationship with sexuality and I can go on about my thoughts on the topics of sex and sexuality in. Daughter of Cade Skywalker and Darth Talon, Celeste Skywalker has a choice to make. Will she side She went on to turn Anakin's grandson, Jacen Solo, into her Sith Apprentice. . "Woah there, that's a lot of questions. Cade Skywalker Sleeps With Darth Talon. This is like the DC version of sleeping with Harley Quinn, only more lethal and less jokes.

The Dark Side is beckoning.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship questions

It calls to you from the edges of the Force. His mind whirled quickly. This was a test — a test to see if he would truly give into the Dark Side and abandon the Jedi ways. Not that he had ever been one anyway, despite his legendary heritage. And Cade knew just what he had to do to pass the test his Master posed to him. Bending forward, he brushed a hand along Talon's red-skinned face. Her eyes softened and he felt her breath catch in a gasp before he cut her off. He kissed her, long and firm.

The Twi-lek's eyes closed completely; she wrapped her armor-plated arms sensuously around Cade's neck, her hands burying in his blonde hair as she kissed him back. And against Cade's soft yet insistent lips, her own mouth curled into a triumphant smile. Very good, my young apprentice, she spoke to the rogue Skywalker through the Force.

You are learning to know me as Master, learning to obey my will. With no cure for the seeds, Cade gave into his feelings and healed them, after which Cade promised his service in exchange for their freedom. Both parties carried out their word. She gave them the Mynock's codes, as Cade had asked her, and Artoo, who played a holorecording from Cade, telling them to take the ship and leave him behind. Blue said she wasn't leaving Coruscant until Cade was safe, threatening to shoot Jariah for blaming Cade.

A voice in Shyriiwook replied that they could shoot him instead, as Chak and Kee approached them. The Wookiee had earlier lent his ship, the Grinning Liar to them earlier, and now wanted it back. Syn said they lost it to Rav, and offered the Mynock.

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Blue immediately stated that the Mynock was not theirs to give away, but was interrupted as Chak claimed he didn't want the Mynock. He told Blue to help him get his ship back, but she refused to leave Coruscant without Cade. Morrigan Corde immediately spoke up, offering her services. This startled everyone at the table, causing them to draw their blasters, but Jool verified her identity.

Corde provided a dossier on each of them, revealing a skill set essential for the mission. Syn initially refused to participate, still distrustful at Cade for being a Jedi, but was throttled by Blue, who exclaimed that he had sacrificed himself for them, not just then, but on numerous other occasions.

Syn finally relented when Corde revealed herself to be Cade's mother. The insects, like all Vong creatures, were neutral to the Force and were thus undetectable. They would search the Temple through the air ducts and find Cade, after which they could initiate his retrieval.

After three weeks of waiting, Deliah became very impatient. Corde calmed her down, however, encouraging her that they would find him. When they found him, however, they observed Cade in an intimate relationship with Darth Talon.

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Despite being a Zeltron, Blue became very jealous, even going so far as to smash one of the monitors on the Mynock that was showing the two kissing.

Unknown to her, it was all an act. Shortly after, the group saw from a bug Cade in his original clothes run into Maladi's lab, signaling he had not become a Sith, as some had feared. They initiated the plan, and the Mynock took off for the Temple of the Sith.

In Maladi's lab he met Talon. He feigned another moment with her, moving his hands to her cheeks and attempting to electrocute her. Talon, however, was not fooled, and knocked him out. He awoke in Krayt's throne room, where he resisted the dark side in refusing to strike down Hosk Trey'lis.

Krayt did so himself, and Cade, in revenge, shattered the casing around his father's lightsaber and drew it. In a fierce duelCade impaled his supposed lover and dismembered Nihl. Skywalker proceeded to leap out the building, catching Syn's hand as his ship flew by. As the two sprinted into the cockpit to celebrate, Cade looked for Blue. Syn told him she was covering them on the guns, but she was mad at him and it probably wasn't a good idea to stop by. Cade was perplexed, not realizing the group had witnessed his encounter with Talon, but before he could inquire more, the thought dissipated when he found Chak flying his ship.

We just got Cade back and he ain't going anywhere without Syn and me! Deliah traveled with the others to Socorro to retrieve Chak's ship from Rav, but remained on the ship as the rest of the crew went to confront him. Cade told her to tell Jariah instead, as Blue acting weirdly toward him. Kee, not wanting to reveal the secret, called him a nerf herder and encouraged him to talk to her about it.

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For their next destination, Cade and Jariah decided to visit Cade's uncle, "Bantha" Rawk and his family, intending to lay low for a while. As Syn input the coordinates for IegoCade went to check on Blue.

He found her with Artoo, busy with repairs. She vented her frustration at Cade, until he convinced her it was all an act to get them to trust him. She then gave him a kiss on the cheek while Cade sent the astromech off, leaving them together in private. However, Bantha Rawk, his wife Droo Rawkand their adoptive children AhnahSkeeto and Micah were comfortably handling the situation, and easily cleaned up with help from the Mynock.

However, their vacation was cut short when a profile of Cade was broadcast over the HoloNetimplicating him in an attack on the Temple of the Sith and making him a wanted man. Also witnessing that Genocide on DacCade revealed his and his uncle's former identities as Jedi. He apologized to Rawk and Droo for putting them all in danger, and vowed to leave with Syn and Blue in the morning.

In the middle of the night, Cade woke Blue as he was getting out of bed. He promised Blue he was just heading to the ship to grab something and would be right back, telling her to return to sleep. After taking some deathsticks, Cade was ambushed by an unknown assailant on his way back.

Deliah Blue

However, after the attacker was defeated by Rawk, she revealed herself as Azlyn RaeCade's childhood friend. Rawk took the two inside where Azlyn introduced herself to Blue, Syn, and Droo, she explained how she survived the Third Jedi Purge and her motives for capturing Cade. However, the conversation between Azlyn and Cade began to get a little personal, Blue attempted to end it, telling her that Cade needed his rest.

He would not get it, however, as Imperial Star Destroyerstipped off by surviving Black Sun from days prior, entered the system, too close for the Mynock to flee the planet. When stormtroopers arrived searching for Cade, an officer hit Azlyn across the face.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship questions

Cade, hiding in the Mynock with Blue and Jariah, sensed it, and screamed to help her. Blue held him back, intent on keeping their cover hidden. Azlyn ultimately used a mind trick on the officer, getting the Imperials to leave on a peaceful note. After they were completely gone, Rawk said that none of them were safe, and if Cade wanted his freedom, he would have to give everything up, including his friends.

Nevertheless, Blue and Syn insisted that Cade was not going anywhere without them.