Buffy and angel relationship timeline gift

15 Secrets Only True Fans Know About Buffy And Angel’s Relationship

buffy and angel relationship timeline gift

Here, as Buffy and Angel make out in graveyards and Xander and her dance of capitalist superiority is one of that relationship's most sweetly romantic moments. .. Still, it's fun to watch this as a sort of alternate-history version of the .. subplot of Angel musing on the perfect Valentine's Day gift for Buffy. For Milavec and Kaye, Buffy and Angel's relationship is total in devotion and on the other hand, are rooted in a history as Buffy's hated adversary. . Buffy counts on to protect her in the climactic fifth season finale, “The Gift.”. Buffy Season 5, The Gift, Alternate ending including Angel. I'm ignoring the timeline of Angel season 2, so he wouldn't be in Pylea at the time. . the best for Buffy and Angel's relationship but he needs to grown on his own.

Any attempt to define them as primarily one thing or another is bound to fail, because just when they appear to qualify as one term, they transition into another. What is important to take away from this argument is that unlike Angel and Riley, the tendency for Buffy and Spike to be inconsistent in definition is precisely what made them compelling and authentic in its change over time.

In essence, the indefinable bond that is reached between Buffy and Spike is a model for a meaningful relationship that any individual would want to reach with another. By the beginning of the fifth season, Buffy and Spike are easily termed as enemies.

Spike is still rendered harmless to humans due to a chip that has been implanted in his brain by the Initiative, and being that he is still a demon, one should wonder why Buffy does not dispatch him in his impaired state. They may be enemies, but are not entirely useless to the other. At first, the plotline appears to be recycled because the audience has already seen this, even before the predicament of an implanted chip came into play — Spike has a plan, Buffy stops the plan, and Spike fumes until another plan for another episode is conceived.

During the retreat back to his crypt however, the flare and feist in his rage appears more elevated than usual: The scene is shot in a blue and gray tint that is ambiguous in that it is neither overtly light nor dark.

According to Leigh Clemons, colors in clothing on the show are also far from insignificant. Dream Spike wears all black as a symbol of his inherent evil, and Dream Buffy dons a pair of flaming red leather pants, a shade that attracts the eye and is a stimulant for eroticism. When Dream Spike tears off his shirt, he is also symbolically removing his evil front and reveals the vulnerability that is beneath it. Dream Spike then grabs Dream Buffy roughly by both arms and submits her to a hungry kiss, though she willingly returns it.

When the real Spike lunges upward in bed, he is panting and his limbs rise uncomfortably beneath the sheets, suggesting an erection. So how to classify Buffy and Spike now? While they are no longer mutual in their opinion of one another, the inclusion of romantic feelings are unquestionably one-sided. Spike, on the other hand, has schemed, kidnapped, and tried to kill them. The rarity in this one-sided affection is significant because Spike falls in love with someone who is an adversary not just in principle like Angel but also in personal history.

Spike does fit this qualification, for a while anyway. He regularly composed dreadful verses in an attempt to win over socialite Cecily, who declared him as beneath her. While this behavior is at times wonderfully comedic, it is nonetheless undeniably creepy. He takes it to its most extreme form when he, the obsessed lover, threatens murder in the name of the beloved. In addition to obsessed lover however, the courtly lover in Spike is also still active.

The robot may be uncanny in appearance but is a simplified and degrading version of the real thing that Spike programs to talk dirty and pleasure him. Similarly, Buffy also steps back from her attitudes when she displays her first genuine regard for him. She acknowledges his loyalty with a soft kiss that is not driven by formality but by a gratitude held between friends.

buffy and angel relationship timeline gift

She articulates this sentiment afterwards: What you did, for me and Dawn, that was real. The fifth year for Buffy and Spike began with a relationship based on mutual hatred to a relationship based on imbalance, with Spike becoming a courtly lover, an obsessed lover, and at times a hybrid of both. When Buffy is determined not to sacrifice Dawn to save the world, she goes further to say that she will kill anyone who even goes near her, a pointed comment that gives insight to her apprehension, even for her friends.

And yet, Spike is the one that Buffy personally counts on to protect Dawn because she instinctively knows that he will. Buffy may not trust him, but she values him in a conditional manner.

This concept is best demonstrated in the scene when Buffy and Spike return to the Summers home for supplies. When Buffy is on the staircase, he calls her and she stops halfway to listen: But you treat me like a man. This is precisely why a utility friendship fits them in these circumstances.

Spike loves Buffy, Buffy values Spike conditionally. The beginning of the sixth season finds Buffy gone and her friends and sister carrying on the fight against evil without her — and then there is Spike. Having wept openly at the sight of her lifeless body, Spike fights alongside the Scoobies all summer and continues to look after Dawn.

buffy and angel relationship timeline gift

Spike believes that he has failed Buffy, and can only make up for it by protecting her sister in life where Buffy, having died, cannot. Gone is the notion of courtly love, obsessive love, and the perversity of the previous season — Spike has entered another league in his emotions towards Buffy, even without her in the picture anymore. This is not to say that their sentiments have not changed however, for Buffy connects to Spike in ways that she cannot with anyone else — note that he is the only one that she allows to touch her without an initial flinch when he takes her bloodied hands in his.

Only Spike knows instinctively what Buffy went through, and it is in this shared trauma that a deeper bond is forged. Buffy then accepts Spike as her confidant by confessing only to him that she was torn out of heaven and not hell, a level that no longer qualifies their relationship as a utility friendship.

Buffy, however, steps out of the dark and into the sunlight after swearing Spike to secrecy. They express the same desire in the other partner in wanting to feel, but it is grounded by lust.

Their kiss is not like any kiss that Buffy has shared with Angel and Riley — it is not a sensual, soft, close-lipped kiss that is framed in glorious close-up, but rather a hungry, open-mouthed, lunge that is framed wide in order to include their bodies, which are being heatedly pressed against one another.

They each recognize the ability to feel something through their partner, but the situation is hardly ideal. When Spike discovers that his chip no longer activates with Buffy, the two engage in foreplay in the form of a full-fledged fight that culminates when Buffy mounts him, pulls a zipper down, and begins to thrust erotically. The fact that their first sexual encounter takes place after a knockdown fight that brings walls down is an easy metaphor and foreshadow of a literally destructive companionship.

Pressed against a yellow wall with a dumpster just a few feet away, they are hardly in an ideal location for romance. The fact that they go at it in this environment is a product of their erotic desires. Though their sex is not loving and romantic, it is the first instance where a confidant becomes a lover. Confidants in the series, to a large extent, have been nonsexual and are people that are turned to when they want to talk about love relationships with other people.

The fact that Buffy and Spike are the first to make the shift from confidants to lovers is not insignificant. They have a history that progressed to this point rather than one that starts from it, an early indication to a more mature and messy adult relationship, even in light of being currently driven by lust and not love.

When Buffy and Spike acknowledge the ability to feel something through their partner through sex, they both engage in mutual enjoyment. The problem with their pleasure friendship is that falling into lust under separate pretenses proves harmful to both of them.

They both desire the other partner to make them feel, but while Spike is in love with Buffy, Buffy is using Spike for sex. What is clear, however, is that Buffy is ashamed of herself. Spike, on the other hand, is and always has been the one more emotionally invested. While Spike enjoys sex with Buffy, he continues to push for something deeper with her despite her insistence that it will never happen. In a climactic moment, Buffy, in a manner that Wilcox notably points out is similar to when Faith beat on her own body, pummels Spike in the face mercilessly while insisting that he or substitute she cannot love or feel anything real because he she is dead.

The problem with Buffy and Spike is that lust cannot survive on its own. Through the lust, they are able to express the same desire to feel through the other partner, but they do not feel equally. Spike feels love, while Buffy feels shame. Buffy is wise to end the relationship, but to have Spike go from an erotic pleasure partner back to the confidant that he was before their connection turned sexual, is simply not logical for them. I could never trust you enough for it to be love.


The second she kicks him off, it is harder to say who is more horrified by his actions. Perhaps the reason that the imbalance between Buffy and Spike has existed all this time is not solely because their feelings for one another have never been mutually shared, but also because they have always been, at their core, two separate beings; one with a soul and one without.

Spike acknowledges this at last, and seeks the necessary change. Though Spike is already well on his way to Africa at that point, the fact that Buffy even agrees to the idea is something.

I had another idea. Begins during the fight with Glory, Dawn already on tower, Buffybot destroyed. Buffy had called Angel for help. I'm ignoring the timeline of Angel season 2, so he wouldn't be in Pylea at the time. Lets just pretend he comes back earlier. Angle and Buffy are fighting Glory, he tosses in a blow when he can, but he wasn't able to find many openings while trying to navigate the twisted tower.

He looked up when he heard a yelp sound from above; if the circumstances were different he would have smiled watching Spike tossed from the upper platform and whooshing past him, but not now.

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If Spike was down…Dawn was unprotected. He cast a quick glance at Buffy, saw she was holding her own at the moment, and then climbed up as fast as vampiricly possible.

buffy and angel relationship timeline gift

Dawn screamed Buffy's name as Doc cut into her, starting the blood flowing. Angel growled and tackled the 'man'. Doc manages to toss Angel off, and stands looking smug. The Vampire doesn't move, he simply grabs the tongue out of the air and pulls. Doc is ripped forward like a yoyo and Angel takes advantage by wrapping the tongue around Doc's neck.

Angel watched in horror as the blood droplets fell though the air and began to crackle and spark as the portal opened. A bolt of lightning flashes as the gateway opens and chaos begins. Dawn's an innocent, Buffy won't let her die…and neither can I. How can I save Buffy and Dawn from having to make an impossible choice?

buffy and angel relationship timeline gift

Suddenly he understood what he had to do. Everything will be ok. Hugging him tightly, she didn't see him vamp. Buffy finally broke away from Glory, Ben regaining control and rendering her powerless.

She thought of ending his life, for all the misery caused by Glory…but realized Ben was like Dawn…he was essentially an innocent caught in the mix. She let him go. She didn't notice Giles as he came to sit with Ben. This can't be happening again! Her thought's replaying having to kill Angel to close Acathla's Hell portal. As Buffy reached them Angel shoved Dawn's limp body into Buffy's arms.

Before she could even react to that Angel's lips covered hers. The passion in that kiss almost brought her to her knees. The taste of her sister's blood on his lips eventually caused her to shutter and he pulled back. Buffy looked up in time to see Angel disappear over the edge, jumping into the growing portal.

Buffy stood too stunned to move, Dawn groaning in her arms snapped her out of her daze. Buffy hugged her half-conscious sister to her body, and then suddenly realized what Angel had done.

He…sacrificed himself…for her…for us. Numbly, she looked over the edge and watched the portal disappear. In the distance, she could see Angel's body lying broken where it fell.

Giles ran up to her when she reached the bottom, "Dawn? Giles looked down and saw the puncture wounds on the young girl's neck and suddenly understood what had happened. Buffy ran over to Angel's slightly charred body and dropped to her knees beside him; hope filled her when she realized he wasn't dust.

She leaned forward and ran her hand over his cheek, "Angel? Can you hear me? Angel groaned and coughed, a small cloud of black smoke whisked from him.

His brown eyes focused on a worried pair of hazel green eyes.