Bruce wayne and clark kent relationship

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bruce wayne and clark kent relationship

By Manananna (Via ohmygil). Repost. Create a Site -; Vote; -. Recaption · batman · bruce wayne · Clark Kent · Random Heroics · relationship · superman. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. It's a story about how a single moment can change two lives, and when those lives belong to Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, it can change a.

Superman is one of a kind excluding his cousin and clone and other Kryptonian beings that happened to survive. The Dark Knight is a loner. These two men are excellent foils for each other. They are similar in regard to their orphanage, being raised by kind and decent people, and expanding their legacy into other individuals while still retaining the isolated nature that each character presents. They are also very dissimilar in the fact that while Superman comes across his talents and powers naturally, Batman has had to work his entire life to acquire his skills.

Whichever order a comic book reader prefers, when two of the most popular comic book characters of all time are together on the page, readers pay attention.

What the reader sees is Superman, the embodiment of complete and utter wish fulfillment and Batman, the rich peak of human potential.

bruce wayne and clark kent relationship

Together they represent all that mankind desires. To be rich, ripped, and powerful. But the relationship between the two men is both unusual and understandable. This was the title that demonstrated the relationship between the two characters.


But over and over again many of the writers turned this opportunity to demonstrate the partnership of Batman and Superman into a forum to fill the characters thoughts about how cool the other guy was. Unfortunately, this turned many of the smaller story arcs into trying to convince the readers that the characters where worth reading. The characters were Superman and Batman; they were already worth reading. In the New 52, the relationship between Superman and Batman has been set up to be very much like the previous continuity.

In issue 9 of Justice League, readers start to see this relationship reemerge in the main stream titles.

bruce wayne and clark kent relationship

The scene is set up to show Clark Kent eating a lonely lunch at his cubicle inside the Daily Planet while Batman is brooding in the Batcave. We also see depressing flashbacks of both Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent as children which sets the reader into an understanding that the two heroes have similar emotional baggage in regards to socializing. Batman is a texter.

It makes sense as he is the gadget king of the Justice League, second only to Cyborg on account that Cyborg is a…well…cyborg. Dawn of Justice in In this film Batman and Superman share an almost entirely antagonistic relationship. Batman does not trust Superman and Superman, in turn, does not trust Batman or approve of the methods he employs when fighting crime.

The two fight but ultimately resolve their differences and team up to deal with the greater threat of supervillainy. Superman ' dies ' at the end of the film but it is strongly implied that his death is not a true death and that he might return in the same way he returned from his false death in The Death of Superman comics.

He is also scheduled to appear in the up and coming Justice League film to be released later in Other Adaptations Fandom This article or section needs expansion.

bruce wayne and clark kent relationship

Due to the fact that they have over 60 years of history, Superbat is one of the most popular slash pairings in the DC fandom. Their relationship relies heavily on the odd couple dynamics.

Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne

However, they represent two sides of the same coin. Comics Since they are the core characters of DC Comics universe, Superman and Batman interact with each other very often.

Bruce Wayne steals Lois Lane from Clark Kent [HD]

The list below contains only some of the most notable moments of their comic book history. Due to overcrowding, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are forced to share a room on a cruise ship.

This leads to secret identity shenanigans.

Clark Kent/ Bruce Wayne - Relationship | Archive of Our Own

The plot is quite different from the original but writers have kept the forced room sharing trope. Superman is also vulnerable to magic. Batman and Robin appeared in some episodes, which represented some of their earliest appearances outside of the comics. Animation legend Max Fleisher produced a series of short animated films featuring Superman, the first of which, "The Mad Scientists" was nominated for an Academy Award. This series was an inspiration for Bruce Timm and company in creating Batman: In Super friendsDanny Dark provides the voice of Superman for the series.

The Animated SeriesSuperman: Shadows of ApokolipsSuperman: Apocalypseand Justice League: Doomhe is voiced by Tim Daly.

bruce wayne and clark kent relationship

In Justice League and Justice League: Gods Among Us he is voiced by George Newbern. In Krypto the Superdoghe is voiced by Michael Daingerfield. In Legion of Superheroeshe is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Doomsdayhe is voiced by Adam Baldwin. Crisis on Two Earthshe is voiced by Mark Harmon. In Young Justicehe is voiced by Nolan North. The Brave and the Boldhe is voiced by Roger Rose. In The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2he is voiced by Mark Valley. Unboundhe is voiced by Matt Bomer.