Brother and relationship in islam

Cutting Relations with Family

brother and relationship in islam

Without doubt the believers are brothers of one another so then make peace and The only relationship that is a complete manifestation of strong unity, love. Failing our brothers and sisters in Islam results in Allah withdrawing this . Finally, the widest level of brotherhood is the relationship that we. What are the rights of brothers, sisters and parents on the man at the time. Brothers and sisters are among the relatives with whom Islam.

Also, sometimes there is a false notion that if your family member does not share the same faith as yourself or is a non-Muslim, then it is permissible to cut relations with them. Are any of their rights upon me? The rights of the relatives do not become invalid for any reason even if the relatives are unbelievers but if the relatives are Muslim then their rights are twice as much. One is due to their being relatives and second because of their being Muslim.

Regardless of who did or why, let us put our egos behind our backs and follow the command of the Prophet SA by picking up the phone to call our brother or sister or cousin, and invite them for dinner or even for a cup of tea. I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives. Indeed the best type of connection to maintain is the relation towards the family of the Prophet.

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We can certainly imagine that the punishment of those who sever the ties and connection with the AhlulBayt AS to be most severe compared to those who fail to maintain ties with their own relatives. Such are the men whom Allah has cursed for He has made them deaf and blinded their sight.

brother and relationship in islam

If we apply this concept on those who have drifted off from the connection to the purified Household of the Prophet, we can imagine the immense reward of the believers who strive by their knowledge and wisdom, to guide the people to the path of AhlulBayt and bring them closer to this lantern of divine light. Since by being with the community, The strong hand has a longer reach.

What is the Basis and Source of Unity? A majority of Sociologists state that: The society which is brought about through these elements just mentioned is the same one that the Legal Experts refer to as a Nation.

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It is under the shadow of these factors that one is able to bring about a nation which is united in which the various organs and members, who are living in the midst of one another, can have a loving and close life together. However these people who have such a belief have forgotten an important point: It is true that those factors which were mentioned do help and play a role in the unity and harmony of a society, however as long as there is no unity in thought and idea and each person has his own goals and ideologies, the unity and harmony of the individuals under these factors and principles will be involuntarily brought about and thus will not be permanent and stable.

If one day, the people were to unite under one common goal and stretch forth their hands towards one another in unity and express their brotherhood towards one another, then they would definitely be able to reach their goal.

In this event, not a single event could occur that would cause them to fall into intellectual difference and discrepancy in relation to their wishes and goals - nor would they fall prey to conflicts and divergences that would lead them to be divided with one another.

If a day comes that amongst the people of a nation who share the same nationality, blood-ties and language - a spiritual bond and cultural affinity were to come about, then there could never be any sort of blow brought to the unity of that nation. It is here that the great leaders of humanity — who take their inspiration from the Divine Revelation — have said that the foremost pillar of nationality must be based on unity of thought and ideology. The people of that society - who from the point of view of their ideological beliefs and method of thought share a common opinion — have been referred to as brothers of one another, and thus, their motto would be: Rather, individuals that are brought together under the banner of these factors - due to the difference of thoughts and their divergence in distinguishing their goals - will give up any sort of unity and alliance that they have amongst one another.

In addition to this, the person who wishes to build a nation under the flag of these sorts of material factors can never claim that with these factors in place, they have been able to bring all of humanity as brothers of one another, nor will they be able to claim that the entire society has become spiritually close.

Rather, the only claim they would be able to bring is that they have been able to unite a large number of people not all together under certain incidental phenomena those factors which were previously mentioned.

If the sublime Prophet of Islam blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny was able to bring the hearts of various groups of people together and bring people of various nations - each of which had their own nationality and language - together as one nation and make them brothers of one another, then he was able to do so because he was able to bring about one common united thought and ideology amongst them all.

In addition, the direction of all of their lives was geared towards one goal and all of their ideas and thoughts were channelled into one main thought. An Effective Medication On the day that the Prophet blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny was commanded to convey the Heavenly messages of Allah Glorified and Exalted is Hewe see that the environment of the Muslims in Madinah was plagued with differences.

brother and relationship in islam

It was not possible to restore back to health the sickness of division that had plagued the community, except by going under the banner of unanimity, accord and unity of thought. The Muhajirin and the Ansar had been brought up in two completely different environments and each of them felt some sort of supremacy over the other group, while the Ansar themselves were divided into two factions which had the fires of war raging between them for years.

The Muslims who had come from places far and wide such as Habasha Ethiopa and other parts of the world suddenly converged on the land of Madinah. From the point of view of their nationality and language, a majority of them differed from one another. The most powerful of relations that existed amongst all these people - keeping in mind the differences that were also there - was the relationship of true faith and religious brotherhood through which the enmity, hatred and other negative effects that their differences created amongst themselves, was removed from their hearts.

One day, the Prophet of Islam blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny stood up in the Masjid, turned towards the Muslims and said: Stand up so that I can make you brothers of one another in the name of Allah. Under the greatness of this Islamic brotherhood, the Muslims were victorious over all of their difficulties and as long as this religious bond of love and affinity was amongst them, they had supremacy over the entire world.

brother and relationship in islam

An Alert Enemy The enemies, who at that time were desperately seeking the down-fall of the Muslims, struggled and are continuing to struggle even today to cut the firm roots of unity from amongst the Muslims and to remove this affinity from the Muslim nation.

By bringing up a series of issues which are not related to the fundamental principles of the religionthey have been able to light the fire of difference amongst the Muslims. This is not only the goal of the enemies of our present time - rather, from that first day that this Islamic commandment was given, those who wanted bad things to come to the Muslims struggled to break the unity and accord.

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It is these people who are trying to strike devastating blows to the unity and harmony of the Muslims. Examples of Self-Sacrifice through Islamic Brotherhood One of the greatest manifestations and materializations of brotherhood is that a Muslim does not encroach upon the life, reputation and wealth of his brother. This point has been mentioned in one of the valuable pieces of advice from the Messenger of Allah blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny which he delivered to a large gathering of people in Mina.

In this assembly, he turned towards his companions and addressed them as such: Today is a day which is very sacred in the sight of your Lord and this land of Mina too is one of sanctity and this month Dhul Hijjah which we are presently in, is a noble month in the sight of Allah! The Prophet of Islam blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny has said: Therefore, if one part of the body is feeling pain, then it complains about this pain to the other parts of the body through a fear and hurt so that the body can help the hurt or injured part.

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The Children of Adam are related to one another, And in their creation, they are all from one essence. If one part of the body falls into pain and suffering, Then all other parts of the body are also affected. In the second hadith, the Prophet of Islam blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny has said: Later on, the rights of a believer over his brother will be mentioned.

brother and relationship in islam

An everlasting peace and harmony can never be brought forth except through this commandment.