Brooke shields and michael jackson relationship

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brooke shields and michael jackson relationship

Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields. Yvonne Hemsey/Liaison. Brooke Shields. Everybody was always confused by our relationship. Nobody. Jackson met year-old actress/model Brooke Shields in , at the From there, the pair enjoyed a close relationship. Brooke Shields recently talked about Mike: Brooke Shields thought she'd lose her virginity to George Michael while listening to Wham.

The woman responded that she was a prostitute for the money, but that she would have sex with him for free because she wanted him. The prostitute then proceeded to unbutton her blouse, exposing her breasts. Apparently repulsed, Jackson turned his head and begged her to "put them back".

Instead, she gave Jackson her telephone number, urging him to call her when he wanted to "get off". Jackson acknowledged the prostitute as she left, stating that he would perhaps call her one day, though he never did. Their friendship was established by the time O'Neal was 12 and Jackson was 17, and featured in gossip columns for several years after. According to Jackson, the incident happened at her home, where she attempted to unbutton his shirt and talked explicitly about sex.

O'Neal's behavior apparently proved too much for Jackson, who became scared and covered his face, before she walked away. When confronted with the allegation, O'Neal claimed to have been "just as shocked as everyone else". She stated that while having respect for Jackson as an artist and a person, he had "a very vivid imagination". The actress described his statements as "inaccurate"; "at 12 years old, there was no way she was capable of being as mature or as sophisticated as he claimed".

In the book, she claimed it was Jackson who attempted to make out with her. The actress wrote, "I was just 12 and not at all ready for a real-life encounter[ He jumped up nervously and said, 'Uh And that one time they had a "jam session" at her house where he played the drums and her brother played guitar.

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She said the relationship ended when she was 12, after he asked her to go to the premiere of The Wiz with him, but her agent disapproved, "maybe because they thought he wasn't a big enough star yet", and she did what she was told because she was a child. He described holding hands with her: It was the most magical thing. It was better than kissing her, it was better than anything. I remember we went to this club, and I don't go to clubs, which was called the Roxy.

And I was watching the band, I was sitting there, and underneath the table, she was holding my hand, and I was, like melting.

She held your hand and you felt love? But that means nothing to kids today. She grew up too fast. She wasn't into innocence, and I love that. And I was naive.

She wanted to do everything and I didn't want to have sex at all. Speaking inshe reflected that they were close because sex was never an issue for them. She said, "he was like a little kid who talked about the bases — what first base was, what second base was" — and his curiosity was understandable given his guarded life. Shields was "one of the loves of my life. I just wished she loved me as much as I loved her", and, they "dated a lot.

He recalled his happiness when they first met in He was at the 53rd Academy Awards with Diana Rossand Shields walked up and introduced herself; then at the after-party she asked him to dance with her.

They exchanged numbers, and he "was up all night, singing, spinning around my room, just so happy. The suggestions were met with disapproval from Shields, who felt such a move would have "divided [her] life too much".

Shields claimed that in the singer's last years "it was harder to get the right number to get through to him". Michael always knew he could count on me to support him or be his date and that we would have fun no matter where we were.

We had a bond Both of us needed to be adults very early, but when we were together, we were two little kids having fun. Lisa Marie was six at the time, and had been brought to the hotel to watch a show by The Jackson 5, of whom she was a big fan.

The young girl was particularly fascinated by lead singer Michael Jackson and his talent at dancing. Knowing that Presley had been looking for help within the music industry, Strong had her play tapes for Jackson, who was impressed with Presley's voice. The pair talked for the remainder of the night, until it was time for Jackson to leave.

At this point, according to Strong, the entertainer gave Presley, who was still married at the time, a penetrating look and said in a conspiratorial voice, "You and me, we could get into a lot of trouble.

Think about that, girl. The two came to realize they had much in common: Presley was raised in Gracelandwhile Jackson lived at Neverland. Inhe became the subject of child sexual abuse accusations and Presley, along with a few others, was there for emotional support.

Michael would call Presley from overseas as he embarked upon the second leg of the Dangerous World Tour and the child abuse investigation intensified. During such telephone conversations, Presley attempted to reverse Jackson's sadness with humor and advice.

Presley later recalled that she believed in the musician's innocence and that she could "save him". He subsequently did both.

After a pause, Jackson exclaimed that he had to use the bathroom. Having apparently relieved himself, the singer explained to his new fiancee that his love for her was genuine and she had to believe him. The union was conducted in Spanish and translated for Presley and Jackson by an attorney.

Eva Darling, Presley's friend, served as a witness along with Thomas Keough, her ex-husband's brother. The wedding was kept secret from them, Jackson's family, and Presley's mother Priscilla. However, Gotham Chopra recalled that Jackson called him "in a panic" on his wedding night and asked if he had any "sex advice", wanting "to make sure that Lisa was impressed with his 'moves. Presley-Jackson issued a statement: My marriage to Michael Jackson took place in a private ceremony outside the United States 11 weeks ago.

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It was not formally announced until now for several reasons; foremost being that we are both very private people living in the glare of the public media. We both wanted a private marriage ceremony without the distraction of a media circus. I am very much in love with Michael, I dedicate my life to being his wife. I understand and support him. We both look forward to raising a family and living happy, healthy lives together. We hope friends and fans will understand and respect our privacy.

Defying the initial thoughts of some of the public, Presley did not move into Jackson's home upon getting married. Randy Taraborrelli, this was due to her wanting to remain independent, as well as Presley's children Danielle and Benjamin finding their new stepfather "a little strange". Holding hands, the couple walked onto the stage in New York. In front of a television audience of million, Jackson announced, "Just think, nobody thought this would last", before embracing Presley in a kiss.

The male pop singer reasoned that the liplock, which was dubbed "The Kiss of the Century", would be talked about for decades, with people playing the clip over and over. Newspaper reports had been suggesting that if Elvis were alive, he would not approve of his daughter's marriage.

Presley felt the idea was tasteless and, upon Jackson's continuing to push the idea, warned, "If you stay on this particular road, they're gonna need a medium to contact you in the Great Beyond, because I'm about to put you there, right now. Presley's friend Monica Pastelle revealed that it was at this point that Presley began to wonder whether she had made a mistake in choosing Jackson as a long-term partner. Though she never believed he was a pedophile —"I wouldn't have let him near my kids if I thought that"—she felt her husband was only opening himself up to more rumor and innuendo following the allegations.

Upon being called selfish, Jackson pointed to his humanitarian endeavors. Presley countered that his philanthropy was irrelevant, that the issue was about them. Imagining the future and what would happen if the marriage ended, Presley saw a "custody battle nightmare". Jackson explained to his wife over breakfast one morning that she did not have to be the biological mother if she so desired.

He explained, "My friend Debbie [Rowe] said she will get pregnant and have my baby. If you won't do it, then she will. Presley arrived to meet her ill husband, and yet another heated debate ensued. The argument ended after Jackson warned her that she was making his heart rate go up and asked her to leave. She obliged, and was admonished by a doctor and Jackson's mother Katherine along the way. Upon being discharged from the hospital, Jackson went to Disneyland Paris to recover.

Past, Present and Future, Book Iwhich album contained the song " You Are Not Alone ", whose music video featured a semi-nude Presley and Jackson frolicking against an ethereal backdrop. At the time, "The Princess of Rock 'n' Roll" revealed that she had no wish to write a memoir; the singer still had respect for Jackson and did not want to speak critically of him.

Presley also wanted to preserve her own dignity and keep their life together private. Despite the plastic surgeries and maddening friendships with boys, and all the rest of the eccentric behavior that goes into making Michael Jackson such a strange individual, he is still a human being with emotions, feelings and a beating heart - and, somehow, Lisa Marie Presley was the one to truly touch it, to truly affect him.

Randy Taraborrelli, The Magic and the Madness [48] The divorce proved difficult for Jackson, who spent several weeks lamenting his loss.

brooke shields and michael jackson relationship

Presley was the first person with whom he had connected on such a high level. She had supported him as he faced allegations and became dependent on pain medication. It was also the first time that the pop singer had had a sexual chemistry with another. At the time, Jackson was afraid there would never be another who made him feel the way his ex-wife had. He eventually realized he had to move on; he had a world tour coming up and music to work on. Jackson also knew that Presley would never make him a father, which he longed to be.

brooke shields and michael jackson relationship

According to Presley, the last "coherently good conversation" she had with Jackson was in Rowe treated Jackson's vitiligowhich he had been diagnosed with in and which would affect his physical appearance for the remainder of his life. The pair became good friends; the pop star frequently sent autographed merchandise to the woman, who hung it on the walls of her office.

According to her friend Tanya Boyd, Rowe would obsess over Jackson. She would say to her friend, "If people knew him like I knew him, they would not think he was strange. He's unique, kinky, actually. Rowe and Jackson would both talk to each other about their unhappy marriages; his with Presley and hers with Edelman, a teacher at Hollywood High School.

Brooke was born in She met Michael the Oscars'. She was actually 15 going on 16 in a few months. Don't know why she keep saying that she met Michael at age Jabberwock Jackson And maybe Brooke didn't have an agenda when it came to Michael, but I'm sure her mom did.

The question should be, Why do talk show hosts keep on asking about Michael to their guests. So far, she's one of those ppl. She didnt do the interview to exploit Michael he was just a side note. If a host knows someone knew Michael they are going to ask and her answers were kind to Michael as always. Brooke Never exploited Michael and aways talked very respectful about him when asked.

She doesnt jump on the bandwagon and try to imply they had this great love afair like so many do She keeps it low key and doesnt go into personal details.

She focuses on thier youth and how special it was to be able to be children together in an adult Hollywood world they were forced to live in Michael had a great fondness and love for Brooke regardless.

brooke shields and michael jackson relationship

Reckon that's the media's fault, though, but it seems to me as though pretty much the only thing keeping her relevant is that connection with Michael, and IDK I'm always suspicious. Although, admittedly, she hasn't [to my knowledge] said anything to suggest she's using him to get fame. Even still, that picture is terrifying.

She used to be so beautiful, too I dunno I don't do math. Thats not a very good pic of her and our outward appearance does change when we get older. Im not as beautiful and attractive as I once was either. Plus she is terrified of plastic surgery. She has the option of refusing. And while Brooke was famous at the time, I'm sure her people thought being linked with Michael wouldn't hurt anything either.

I don't think bashing her looks is fair at all. We're Michael Jackson fans and we should know better. She was asked a question about Michael and she answered it respectfully. As that being the only thing that keeps her relevant - well, wouldn't then the whole interview be about Michael?

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I doubt she was invited just to be asked this question about Michael. Remember the many times when Michael mentioned Brooke in interviews? Brooke didn't mind it either. Sometimes MJ fans get too defensive about Michael. She has never said anything bad about Michael, and it's not like she's a pretentious bandwagon jumper.

She has hung-out with Michael from time to time since the early 80's. I don't think it fair to criticise her appearance. Being fans of Michael Jackson, who was cruelly subjected to plenty of that, we should know better. Isn't it just better that she answers respecfully and says something nice about Michael instead of not answering and making people wondering stupidities?

Brooke Shields Discusses Her Friendship With MJ

A positive message about Michael is always welcome. I don't know why people just jumped on her and even criticized her looks. She never said anything bad about MJ. She answered it with respect when asked. It's obvious MJ adored her and cherished their memory together You can hear the excitement of MJ when he talked about her with Shmuley. I can understand why people being defensive about MJ. However, sometimes people just jumped to anyone if they talk about MJ.

Do they all really have purpose behind it? In a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe. Not all the people have bad intentions when they talked about him.

They might want to share some light about him. That picture didn't do her justice and she looks great in her age. MJ suffered of people judging his look for so long. I though most of us supposed to have some understanding. I never understand why judging people's looks like this?

She didn't just age that well and you're right we as MJ fans should not criticize her. Honestly I wasn't one of those fans that criticized the hell outta her looks. Yes Brooke did not really use her friendship with Mike to get attention and fame and we all know Mike loved Brooke dearly and Brooke feelings for Mike was sincere.