Brain and behavior relationship

brain and behavior relationship

These uncertainties are mainly due to the methods used in the study of brain- behaviour relationships, which frequently rely on a group. Our views about nerve cells, the brain, and behavior emerged during the 20th. What is the relationship between brain and behavior? Searle's view is that the brain is the cause of behavior and that consciousness and voluntary action is a.

Both concepts have been kept apart as if they were separate and distinct. However, the idea that the mind and body function separatelyturns out to be animpediment to scientific progress, since mind and body are related in a more complex way than one might imagine. Why do we behave in a certain way? Is the brain in charge of our actions?

Try to answer the following question: Many people will respond: For example, through our perception we can know what is happening in our environment, thereby triggering more useful and adaptive behaviors.

brain and behavior relationship

The goal, then, is to relate specificbrain events to certain behaviors. However, everything is not so simple. For example, the same behavior can be triggered by different physiological mechanisms: Are we our brain? Now, try to answer the following question: Would you behave exactly like him?

Would you have won the Nobel Prize in Physics?

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Would have you composed the same number of pieces as he did? The first thing we tend to think is that if we had the brain of a genius, we would be the genius, since we think the brain is responsible for our behavior. However, this matterbecomes increasingly complicated. We must not forget that the brain is flexible and has the ability to change.

Human Behavior, My Brain Made Me do It?

This organ evolves throughout life and adapts to the changing environment. Thus, the relationship between brain and behavior is modulated by different factors: For example, the environment modulates the development of different skills.

brain and behavior relationship

Therefore, language acquisition can vary for a child coming from a rural areato another from an urban area because the verbal stimulation that each one receives is different. Another example is that of enrichedenvironments. All of this knowledge raises disturbing questions.

brain and behavior relationship

Does any of this mean that we are not responsible for our behavior? In this case the judge sends the defendant to a mental institution until it is determined that they are sane.

At such time they are discharged from the hospital. Remember, they have been found not guilty. So, does this mean that people who commit crimes do so because of the way their brain works?

Of course, there is the argument that behavior results from environmental influences. In this case, if some was physically, emotionally and verbally abused during childhood, it explains and forgives their decisions as adults.

From time to time I have heard this said about some of the rudest people I have met. For example, rudeness is excused because someone had a tough childhood.

Brain-behavior relationship: are we our brains?

In another example, a surly and nasty department store clerk is forgiven because they have a boring job. In these cases it is not their brain that made them do it.

brain and behavior relationship

It is most likely that our behaviors result from a complex interplay between each of our genetic make-up, brain chemistry and functioning and the economic, social and psychological environments in which we grew up and live.