Boa and yunho relationship problems

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[+2,, ] BoA's already 30 years old ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ She was a baby when she debuted 2. [+2,, ] [+, ] BoA doesn't even have to get married , what would she even benefit from. . what's society's age limit for marriage in sk anyways lol .. Boa and DBSK are such amazing performers. BoA and Yunho have known each other for over 15 years. when she shared that he has to help Henry clean up his relationship problems. Then Kang Hodong asked DBSK what their concern or problems were. would be able to see Boa (^_^) but his father was against the idea.

There were several flights from May … and I got all confused because of time zone differences.

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I checked on several websites and I got confirmation that he was going to land around 10AM so I figured out that his flight was KE X But alas, his flight was to land at We arrived an hour early… at nine. LOL, funny thing, we thought we were going to be late cuz of traffic but we still managed to get an hour early. So that happened and we had an hour to kill so we walked around the upstairs where the departures and then came back down.

So more and more trickled in… 9: Sorry, just had to throw that in there. All the people coming out of the sliding doors were kinda scared that there were so many girls and two guys with cameras in their hands.

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It was kinda hilarious to be honest. So we were just standing and talking and standing and talking… and wait… what??? His bag… soooooooo pretty, I want. We have to do well and go down a positive path. Even if it's just the two of us, we have to protect our name and position.

I think it's definite that people are curious for the thoughts from all five of us. What I want to say is that all five exist in this spot because we shared a time of precious hardships. We've never received contact.

And even if we want to contact them, their numbers have changed, so we might not have accepted the call because of the unfamiliar number.

There's been a lot of prank calls lately, it's difficult for us to take every call. I hope the media doesn't confuse our fans. It's been so noisy lately, I'm really apologetic to not only my fans, but to my family as well.

The song can't be a diss since there is no truth in it. I became more confident in myself.

boa and yunho relationship problems

The time spent there filming was truly amazing for me, and despite it being difficult, I'll never forget them. I'm working hard on showing a better image of myself through 'Poseidon,' and I'm trying to avoid rushing into it. I'd choose for both of us to receive an award from each.

boa and yunho relationship problems

As painful as it was over the past two years and three months, I hope we achieve good results. No matter what award we win, I think it'll be very meaningful for us because of the long hiatus we went through to get it. I think I would've been upset if we worked hard on creating that road and nobody walked on it.

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I am kind of jealous, too. I hope they'll begin promoting from the roots in representation of Korea. Changmin answered, "I'm quiet, while Yunho-hyung is a lot more dynamic. I just like playing on the computer and hanging out with my hometown friends and having some drinks. I don't like drinking, so even if I do go out to drink with friends, I don't drink. I get to see you do well, visited a friend in the military for the first time, and experience new things thanks to you.

Yunho is good and healthy, everyone! Yunho who is currently doing his mandatory military service, enlisted in July of He will be discharged in April of BoA began her training aroundand debuted in Yunho on the other hand was recruited in and debuted in So they likely first encountered one another injust when BoA was transitioning to focus on her Japanese debut. So professionally, Yunho must hold BoA in a special place. They are also some of the oldest artists currently signed to SM Entertainment.

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Although Yunho refers to BoA as sunbaenimhe is actually older than she is, by about 9 months. He was born on February 6, and she November 5, But, the reason he refers to her as sunbaenim, is she debuted before him. Also, when they met she was already an accomplished recording artist, and he just a trainee. So clearly, Yunho must have looked up to her. Which must explains why he still calls her sunbaenim. I still remember when she debuted, everyone in the company was rooting for her.

In two years, she topped Japan, and she was only