Beastboy and raven secret relationship of birthdays

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beastboy and raven secret relationship of birthdays

Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books During his tenure with the Doom Patrol, Garfield has a romantic relationship with a girl from . Afterwards, Raven gave Beast Boy and the rest of the team similar magical items in case she .. He is present at Batman's birthday party. Beast Boy is hiding something from the Titans after a disturbance in his English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - [Beast Boy, Raven] - Chapters: Beast Boy and Raven have a complex relationship until they start dating in " BBRAE". Cyborg thinks the secret is that Raven has a secret crush on Beast Boy (which, . Raven is the only Titan who actually forgot about Beast Boy's birthday.

DiziPlusHD In the season 3 episode "Spellbound," Raven is feeling more angsty than usual and starts isolating herself in her room. Hoping to find someone who can understand her, she comes across Malchior, a powerful sorcerer trapped in one of her ancient books.

Malchior then begins teaching her some powerful spells to free him, and becomes a confidant for when her teammates are annoying her. Eventually, Raven falls in love with him. However, it is soon revealed that not only was Malchior teaching Raven dark magic, but that he was never really in love with her and was just using her so she could free him. Malchior comes across as a sleazeball pick-up artist who just goes after girl's hearts and drops them once he's had his fill of them.

Nowhere is this better summed up than in this line. Having no other choice, Robin goes along with his evil plan to As bewildered and unwilling as Robin is, no one's more upset about the situation than Starfire. We get to see a more territorial side to Starfire, as she does everything she can to stop mean girl Kitten from digging her claws into her man.

At one point, she gets so infuriated with the idea of Robin going out with another girl that she bounces up in anger. Some viewers noticed that some other parts of her bounced up as well.

The accompanying springy sound effect certainly didn't help. After the Titans end up stranded and separated on an alien planet, they must find a way to reunite and go back home.

beastboy and raven secret relationship of birthdays

For some reason, the aliens start pampering her and treating her like some sort of queen. Towards the end of the episode, she receives a massage that elicit some very pleased groans.

beastboy and raven secret relationship of birthdays

How does that make sense, anyway? At one point Blackfire invites the Titans to a cool party, during which the rest of the team ditches Starfire, leaving her alone and feeling socially awkward.

Though not necessarily evil, their mayhem wreaks havoc across the city and its up to the Titans to show them the error of their ways. The episode mainly focuses on Beast Boy, who learns a lesson on taking pranks too far. Starfire stays mad at Beast Boy the whole episode due to an attempted prank on Cyborg accidentally blowing up in Starfire's face instead.

beastboy and raven secret relationship of birthdays

Beast Boy tries to get her to smile by morphing into an extremely cute cat, but to no avail. Its not until he gives her a proper apology does she forgive him.

He morphs back into kitty form and she snuggles him right up against her chest. Kind of makes you wonder how often he abuses that power, and how many times Starfire got fooled by it.

YouTube BlueGirl There are plenty of recurring villains in Teen Titans, but probably the only well-known team to routinely face off against them is the H. Serving as sort of a polar opposite to the Titans, the H. Five are a group of villainous teenagers with a rotating cast.

One of the members, See-More, is a boy with one large eye who has pretty much all the vision related superpowers heat vision, x-ray vision, etc.

beastboy and raven secret relationship of birthdays

She fires her eye beams at him, quipping that she has powerful eyes as well. See-More responds with, "But I bet I'm the only one with see-through vision! Kinda makes you wonder if he ever tried that on his teammate Jinx. It seems that "no romantic relationships" was part of Batman's training, as Robin firmly denies this right in front of Starfire. Of course, Starfire misunderstands the term, and believes that Robin doesn't consider her his friend or a girland begins acting coldly toward him.

But as the One True Pairing of the show they couldn't stay uncertain of each other for long, so the writers decided to give Starfire a little push Due to her emotional turmoil preventing her from flying, Robin swung into the rescue. The two end up landing safely into a cave, with Robin landing almost on top of her.

Teen Titans: The Truth Behind Beast Boy And Raven's Complicated Relationship

It could've almost been the beginning of a make out session if Starfire weren't still mad at him. Why would Beast Boy, a staunch vegetarian, ever agree to work at a place where he has to handle food made from animals that he at one point or another has been? Its all for the shot at winning the Employee of the Month prize: Beast Boy is so in love with the moped, in fact, that at one point he flips through the pages of a motorcycle magazine called Hot Rides and starts drooling over the centerfold.

This obviously means there's some half-unclothed model riding his dream machine, right? Surprisingly no, as Starfire points out that its just "a land vehicle. Robin should probably keep his motorcycle far away from BB. Medium In the season 1 episode "Car Trouble," Cyborg builds himself a hi-tech and very shiny car: Five's resident gadgeteer Gizmo, and the machine-possessing villain Overload.

Not wanting to damage his pride and joy, it seems the villains have made off with his car.

Why Beast Boy and Raven are So Important - The Fandomentals

She is quiet, apparently dispassionate, and is well versed in all matters of the occult either through her own extensive memory or the massive collection of books that she keeps. The fandom certainly seems to like the pairing too.

When I first got into fandom culture in general, I was one of the biggest shippers out there, especially for Beast Boy and Raven. While some part of me always will, the more I think about it the more I recognize how rare and important their relationship is. Since she has been feeling ostracized from the other Titans lately, Raven and Melchior develop an almost romantic relationship as Raven learns ancient magic from him. However, the first time Raven tries the spells out in combat they are dangerous.

She confronts Melchior, and his behavior becomes abusive; he casts himself as the only one who understands her and thus the only one who will love her, threatening to leave if she does not comply with his next wish: Raven emerges from her room and they embrace.

They are very close, but they never act lovestruck or smitten around each other. They are the best of friends, but there is never any romantic tension to interfere with that or cause drama.

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In most loving relationships that last, the couple is friends first, then lovers. Even if a close friendship never becomes romantic love, that does not diminish the importance of that relationship.