Balu mahendra and bala relationship goals

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balu mahendra and bala relationship goals

another famous film personality, Balu Mahendra, has admitted to marrying a a woman who is totally incompatible with his dreams and objectives, he has no. Balanathan Benjamin Mahendran (20 May – 13 February ), commonly known as .. Their relationship was explored by K. G. George (Mahendra's junior at the FTII) in his Malayalam film Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback. 2) Bala: "Balu Mahendra sthanathila inga vandhe aaganum nu Ram gave us relationship goals p.p1 {margin: px px px px; line-height: px;.

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For her, it is more important to finish cooking food for her husband than to waste time on music. Her love for her husband manifests itself in every other form except an appreciation for music.

balu mahendra and bala relationship goals

Barring a few skirmishes now and then, they get along well being basically good-hearted people. Sindhu is an orphaned girl who has a tremendous sense of music. She chances to meet the singer in one of his crowded concerts. She crosses sword with him on the question of why classical singers should confine themselves to singing of songs in an unintelligible language all the time when they should be reaching the masses through singing in a language known to them.

balu mahendra and bala relationship goals

The singer is initially irked by the idea but sees the sense of it in course of time. When he finds that she is also an ardent admirer of his, he loses his heart to her. The girl being a lonely person all her life accepts his love. Thereafter the story meanders through twists and turns and ends up in the usual cinematic climax.

When the film ended with the girl setting out once again on her long and lonely journey leaving her child born of her brief affair with the singer to be brought up by the first wife, many were upset by the unfairness of it all.

Balu Mahendra speaks on Bala

Now in the latest issue of the famous Tamil weekly, Ananda Vikatan, another famous film personality, Balu Mahendra, has admitted to marrying a second time in a candid interview. He says that he lost his heart to her because of her passion for the nuances of good cinema. He could identify a kindred soul in her being himself a veteran Director who breathed cinema.

balu mahendra and bala relationship goals

Together they have made some fantastic TV shows. His first wife knew nothing more than serving her hubby well but drew blank on sharing his passion for cinema.

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He named the film Azhiyadha Kolangalwhich according to him was "partly autobiographical". Vishwanath 's Telugu film Sankarabharanam which turned out to be a major critical and commercial success.

The film told the story of a school teacher who looks after a girl suffering from amnesia. It had a day run in the theatres and was labelled a "blockbuster". The film fetched two National Film Awards including an award for cinematography for Mahendra.

Mahendra received a Filmfare nomination for Best Story and became a well-known director with the Hindi audience with the film. Unlike Olangal, Oomakkuyil failed to create an impact among the audience. Later Mahendra noted that he made the film with a sole intention to prove critics that he could make commercial films.

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Closely based on the American film Micki and Maudethe film is regarded as one of the best comedies ever made in Tamil cinema during the decade. While Veedu focused on the life of a lower middle-class urban woman and her struggle to build a house, [35] [36] Sandhya Raagam dealt with "old age". Night Shyamalanthen a newcomer, approached Mahendra to be the cinematographer for his directorial debut Praying with Anger to which he refused.

Too violent, too harsh: Is director Bala's obsession with life's darkness his undoing?

Mahendra made the film as he felt it was close to his personal life. The film was based on the psychological thriller novel Misery by Stephen King.

Balu Mahendra's Wife Mounica accuses Bala

Initially he stated that the film to be an extension of his film Azhiyatha Kolangal. The film was loosely based on his own Malayalam film Yathra released in When asked about the difference between the two films, he said "Yat[h]ra was the love story of two adults, this is the love story of two adolescents. The institute offers courses in disciplines such as cinematography, direction and acting.