Aurora and maleficent relationship test

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This quiz is designed find how much you know about this iconic film, and see if you did really pay attention to it. Why was Maleficent so offended? At the sunset of her sixteenth birthday, Aurora would be pinched with the . Personality tests - Other movie characters; Love and relationship quizzes - Other. Surely, if there is a problem with the relationship between females and film, then This goes far beyond a films ability to pass the Bechdel test, or our When Maleficent curses the young Aurora to a hell where she has to wait. Princess Aurora has virtually no character at all in the film other than to be an even if it's mostly in the form of his Odd Couple relationship with his horse. man's world, but it still fails the Bechdel Test in that Mulan is the only female (I love Maleficent in the original Disney classic, don't get me wrong, but.

Both the horned headdress and bat wing-like robe represent and foreshadow her dragon form. She carries a staff with a glowing green orb at the tip through which she casts her spells.

Maleficent is capable of shapeshifting at will into numerous forms, including a floating hypnotic light resembling a will-o'-the-wisp and a massive, monstrous black-and-purple dragon. Her dragon form is largely black, with her underbelly starting from just below her jaw up to the tip of her tail being purple-colored and ribbed.

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Her ears are webbed and her eyes are a pupilless green, while her tongue and the interior of her mouth is colored yellow. Her claws and teeth are also colored black, and she possesses spines across her back, some of which form a three-pronged tip at her tail, bearing a faint similarity to the Chauve-souris. Her wings are fairly tiny especially compared to her overall size, although they still seem to allow her to fly to some degree. Maleficent is one of the most powerful villains in Disney history.

She describes her own skills as "all the powers of hell". Her powers are magic-based, and it is also implied during the christening ceremony that her magic was far more powerful than even that of the Three Good Fairies, at least individually, as they admitted they could not outright remove Maleficent's curse, but rather alter it.

Using her staff she can conjure up her spells, for example, lightning projection, divination, and teleportation. Merryweather also implied that she was capable of summoning frost storms.

She can even cast powerful dark magic spells like her forest of thorns. She was capable of hypnosis as she demostrated on Aurora to make her prick her finger. She also conjured the spinning wheel and spindle which she used to prick Aurora's finger which shows she is capable of conjuration. She also implied that the sleeping curse's effects, even when not at full power, were sufficient enough to effectively halt aging so long as the curse was in effect.

She was also capable of flying by conjuring energy from her staff in a similar manner to a galaxy or a helicopter rotor. This was presumably used as an act of desperation, given the events that had her use it.

One of her most powerful abilities is to transform into a massive fire breathing dragon, with the flame blasts being strong enough to effortlessly knock away Phillip's Shield of Virtue, and her hide in this form was apparently strong enough to even withstand the Sword of Truth barring significant enchantments on the Three Good Fairies part.

In addition, her fangs in this form were shown to be venomous in Maleficent Returns, which ironically also led to her second defeat. Disney has not just debunked the mythology of the evil Queen, as they did in Frozen.

Here they have rewritten her history — they have included the flaws that make her perfect, and they have built a human we barely recognise, nor know what to do with. Maleficent has a history, but in a positively Nietzsche meets Foucault meets Butler transformation, they have given us a human that is genuinely the evolution of ourselves for no other reason than we choose to evolve.

Sleeping Beauty is a very old tale, originally written in by Charles Perrault, then revived around by the Brothers Grimm, two scholars of local folklore.

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Maleficent the character was an addition to the original story, made in the Disney version. Maleficent then reacts with anger and aggression upon another female she sees as privileged, and if you think this is unrealistic, you should speak to the few women who have survived dowry murder attempts at the hand of their mother-in-law, as I have, to see what women will do to each other when their own power has been stripped away.

To right the social wrongs that have festered in the wake of all the tellings of the Sleeping Beauty myth for it is true to say this story has now reached that stageRobert Stromberg and Linda Woolverton have reached back in time to the ancient Greeks, and the mythology between the 8th century BC to around AD that transformed all the cultures touched by the Sleeping Beauty story.

There is a potent female mind behind Maleficent, and it is a glorious thing to behold. Maleficent is a game changer for me. Linda Woolverton has inspired my interest and I have rarely seen a director start out as strong as Robert Strombeg has here.

aurora and maleficent relationship test

Angelina Jolie has already contributed enormously to a contemporary vision of women portrayed in film, but she will be able to get away with a great deal in my books after this. But most of all, I have lost faith in contemporary film criticism, to the point where I will simply stop reading it. He also sends Aurora to live with the three pixies who will raise her in secret until after her sixteenth birthday as to protect her from Maleficent. Finding Love and Happiness Again Edit Maleficent discovers Aurora hidden in the cottage However, Diaval locates the cottage where the three pixies are planning to raise Aurora until her sixteenth birthday, posing as her three human aunts.

Maleficent approaches a window of the cottage and tries to scare the baby, to no avail. She dryly tells her that she hates her, calling her a "Little Beastie" before leaving. Over the next few years, Maleficent and Diaval watch over and reluctantly begin to take care of the princess from afar after the pixies prove to be incapable and struggle to live as humans.

Maleficent uses her powers to toy with and play tricks on the pixies, much to her amusement.

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One day, she encounters a five-year-old Aurora after saving her from falling off a cliff and bonds with her before sending her back home. After the next several years, Stefan has become extremely paranoid and obsessed with hunting down Maleficent, sending his men out to find and kill her, but to no avail. Stefan has the blacksmiths of the kingdom, work tiredly to forge iron armour and weapons.

aurora and maleficent relationship test

His obsession makes him neglect his wife who soon falls gravely ill and passes away overnight, but he shows no grief over her death. When Aurora turns fifteen, she spends most of her time trying to explore the forest that surrounds her cottage, but is unable due to the wall of thorns. The soldiers almost mistake her for Maleficent, but Maleficent saves her by placing her into a sleeping trance and transforms Diaval into a wolf, much to his displeasure, to defeat the men.


Maleficent leaves Aurora in the middle of the Moors where they have their first real encounter and Aurora has come to believe that Maleficent is her "Fairy Godmother" as she recalls being watched over by the woman all her life. Maleficent is confronted by Aurora Over the next several months, Maleficent allows Aurora to spend more time in the Moors and introduces her to the other fairies and magical creatures.

They all grow an immediate liking for Aurora and enjoy her presence in the forest. While Maleficent and Aurora begin to develop a mother and daughter-like relationship.

Maleficent also begins to lose her malevolence and become benevolent once again after enjoying herself when Aurora plays with the wallerbogs.

aurora and maleficent relationship test

Realizing that she has grown to love Aurora, Maleficent attempts to remove the curse, but fails, because there is no power on Earth that can lift it, but True Love's Kiss. Later, Aurora questions why Maleficent is the only fairy who does not fly. Reluctantly, Maleficent tells Aurora that her wings were stolen from her and seeing that she is distraught, Aurora attempts to comfort her, but Maleficent is inconsolable and walks away. On the day before her sixteenth birthday, Aurora decides that she wishes to live in the Moors with Maleficent and the other fairies, maintaining this wish even after being warned by that there is an evil in the world that she cannot protect her from.

Nonetheless, Maleficent allows Aurora to live in the Moors, hoping that it will undo the spell since she will be far away from any spinning wheels. However, Aurora inadvertently learns about her true parentage and that Maleficent is the "evil fairy" who cursed her from the pixies.

Heartbroken, Aurora runs away to her father's castle. An ashamed Maleficent orders Diaval to find Prince Phillip who had previously met and fell in love with Aurora in the forest and although she does not believe that True Love exists, which she had discussed earlier with Diaval, she sees that Phillip may be her only hope to save Aurora. Maleficent locates Phillip and places him into a sleeping trance and transforms Diaval into a horse to deliver Phillip to the castle.

Unfortunately, Maleficent is too late as the curse takes effect and Aurora is lured to the dungeon of the castle where she pricks her finger on the spindle of a reformed spinning wheel and falls into her eternal slumber. The pixies immediately believe he can awaken Aurora and tell him to kiss her. While Maleficent and Diaval sneak into the room and watch from behind a curtain. Phillip leans over and kisses Aurora, but his romantic kiss has no effect. Since his kiss has failed to awaken her, the pixies drag Phillip out of the room to find someone or something that might be able to awaken her.

Maleficent then approaches the sleeping princess and tells her that she was so lost in hatred and revenge that she forgot all about love and happiness until she met Aurora. Maleficent swears that no harm will come to the princess as long as she shall live. In tears, Maleficent bids farewell to Aurora and kisses her forehead.

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Just as she is about to leave, a miracle happens Aurora awakens and is happy to see her Fairy Godmother. Maleficent's motherly concern for Aurora constitutes True Love. Maleficent, Aurora and Diaval begin to make their way out of the castle, but the soldiers discover Maleficent and throw an iron net onto her, burning her. She transforms Diaval into a dragon and orders Aurora to flee. Diaval lifts the net off Maleficent and attempts to fight off the soldiers, but is eventually restrained.

Unable to protect her, Maleficent is surrounded as Stefan, wearing iron armor and wielding iron weapons, enters the scene. He brutally tortures her and begins to taunt her over her lack of wings. He prepares to kill her, but Maleficent's wings which are stored in a glass case inside Stefan's chambers are released by Aurora and return to Maleficent and reattach themselves. With her wings restored, Maleficent frees Diaval and together, they defeat the guards, leaving only the treacherous King standing.

Maleficent easily overpowers Stefan and carries him onto a nearby tower on the verge of strangling him, she decides to spare him, firmly stating that "it's over". Blinded by his overwhelming pride and seething rage, Stefan refuses defeat and leaps onto Maleficent's back, causing the two of them to fall from the tower. She manages to become airborne, but Stefan plunges to his death. A Hero and A Villain Edit Maleficent passes on her crown to Aurora With peace finally restored between the two kingdoms, Maleficent demolishes the wall of thorns as the barrier is no longer needed.

She passes her crown to Aurora, making her Queen of both the human kingdom and the Moors, unifying the kingdoms forever.