Athrun and meyrin relationship trust

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athrun and meyrin relationship trust

WOW, i never imagined that athrun choosed meyrin, i watched the complete series, but i thought that athrun continues his relationship with. But don't trust wiki too much anyone can edit it any time. Secondly AMC are Anime Music Clips But the Director Fukuda made special sets of. Age[edit]. Okay. Seriously, how old is this dude and why is there even a debate? Ace Class . The ending of GSD was the beginning of Athrun and Cagalli's relationship, therefore Morosawa did not intentionally tear them apart or break them up.

Pursuit of the Archangel Athrun engage Kira in battle several times thereafter as he and the rest of his team try to get the Strike. Before withdrawing, Athrun asks Kira his idea of justice and vows to rescue Lacus at all costs. Kira later smuggles Lacus off the Archangel and back to Athrun. Neither Kira nor Athrun want to fight each other and they often think of one another and their unfortunate circumstances. Despite this, both declare to one another that they will shoot to kill the next time they meet.

Athrun is later appointed head of his own team - the Zala Team, and clashes with some of his fellow pilots on several issues especially on their failure to recover or destroy the Strike Gundam. Athrun successfully lands his mobile suit on an island. There, he encounters Cagalli, who is also marooned there. After being shot at resulting to an armed conflict between the two and having to deal with the awkward revelation that she was, in fact, a girl, Athrun takes Cagalli prisoner, binding her wrists and feet together.

While trying to get to Athrun's mobile suit in her tied up stage, Cagalli accidentally ends up almost drowning in a small but deep puddle made by the rain where Athrun rescues her. An exchange of humorous banters is had between them that results in Athrun setting her free because she seemed like she couldn't be any serious threat to him. While waiting for retrieval, the two talk. Their viewpoints about the war clash, but they listen to each other with Athrun being the one to give up first knowing that it would get them nowhere.

athrun and meyrin relationship trust

He falls asleep on her, giving Cagalli an opening to steal his gun that she eventually throws away, resulting to it misfiring with the bullet grazing Athrun's side.

This eventually leads to a mutual truce between them and they exchange names. They later rescued by their respective forces. Neither tells anyone about what happened on the island. Athrun later discovers that Cagalli is actually the princess of the neutral Earth nation, Orb Union. Yzak, Dearka and Nicol wish to kill them, but Athrun defuses the situation, letting them know they were new to the place themselves. Though suspicious, Lowe and the others blew it off and accepted it.

When Birdy escaped from Kira, it flew to where Athrun was and the two boys confronted each other briefly. With his suspicions confirmed, Athrun and the rest of the team wait for the Archangel to leave Orb territorial waters. The intended ambush goes poorly thanks to Kira's sudden improvement in battle, Nicol in the badly damaged Blitz is killed by Kira's hands after he tries to protect Athrun, sparking the unbridled hate that would decide the aftermath of Athrun and Kira's next encounter later on.

Spotting the Archangel, Athrun rushed in and got ready for the final battle. Athrun and Kira meet in combat again.

Angered by Nicol's death, he charges at Kira and fights slowly draining Aegis' energy. Even though Athrun's team fought with full anger, Kira managed to take down Yzak and Dearka. In the end, Athrun remains as the only one standing and begins the all out battle.

Tolle Koenig, Kira's good friend then comes to help. Kira enraged activates SEED mode. Athrun, too activates his SEED modefor the first time. Athrun and Kira begins the most brutal battle, neither side not wanting to lose.

When Patrick had given a sigh while talking with other people about current situation earlier, Athrun was looking at his father with a worried face. It explains why Patrick disapproved of Athrun calling him Father in this scene but not in episode 40 even though the situations were the same: Athrun has that kind of attitude, too.

In GS episode 11, Lacus tried to touch his face seemingly in an attempt to comfort him, and he rejected it. However, Athrun at least acted nice toward Lacus and showed some consideration toward her feelings in GS episode Nevertheless, Patrick expected Athrun to obey him and keep fighting for him. Then, when Athrun defied him in GS episode 40, he shot at Athrun; he gave permission to use rough means to obtain information from Athrun. In GS episode 46, when Klueze asked Patrick whether it would be all right if he shot Athrun, Patrick looked surprised.

After Klueze left, he looked somewhat sad with his fist clenched. He will just lose her as lover in that case. This is an analysis of the ring, remember? I actually almost forgot: P In his conversation with Cagalli in episode 39, Athrun talked more about the ring: Athrun was rather incoherent here.

Some of you may think this has nothing to do with the ring except that he said it right after talking about her almost-marriage. There is no need to rush. Okay, enough with the language lecture. That actually explains why he wanted her to abandon Orb for him. In GS episode 46, he said to her that he would protect her.

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In GSD episode 38, he said that he had wanted to protect her and Kira. He could protect just Cagalli, Cagalli as a person. He was an excellent fighter and had the ability to protect her life. He had no power to protect her politically or protect Orb.

Is AsuKaga relationship is over?

As a result, he might have lost her because she would have married Jona or lost her life in her attempt to protect Orb. In order for him to become able to protect her, she would have had to abandon the part that was too much for him to protect. So he had rejoined ZAFT and acquired power and tasks to do, which must have eased his feeling of powerlessness.

athrun and meyrin relationship trust

From what he said in episode 38, it seems like he had rejoined ZAFT because he wanted the power to protect Cagalli and Kira: I said, they were killed.

If you want to keep believing so, go ahead. A shot of the Saviour Shinn: Why do you say such a thing? Anyone who has cried over their powerlessness…would think like that, perhaps. He had more power, yes. So he still tried to make her abandon Orb the Orb forces this time for him.

He also tried to control her so that he would become able to help and protect her. He was still acting the same way. After his defection from ZAFT, he was back to the powerless state. But he still tried to do something, to protect Cagalli. In episode 41, he insisted on helping the Archangel fight for Orb. Then, he got the Infinite Justice, the power he could finally use to protect every part of Cagalli, protect both Cagalli as a person and Cagalli as the Chief Representative of Orb.

The first one is unlikely, too. A useful tool for keeping an eye on things like this is the watch list - that's only available if you're logged in, but it only takes a few seconds to create an account. He ACTS older than the two of them, that doesn't make him older in actual age. Please stop messing with this section unless you can provide a good, verifiable source for your info.

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Look at the size of quotes, notable dialogue and trivia. I say a cut down is in order. Specifically, who is it who's deciding this is 'notable dialogue' for this and other entries? Hence why I removed the examples I cited. Over on the Miriallia entry, someone kept adding what was basically a generic bit of dialogue where Miriallia wishes Dearka good luck.

Specifically for Athrun, I don't think every dramatic scene needs to be quoted. Something like the scene where he admits he 'killed' Kira should, since that's important. It's where he spells out his motives and where Cagalli gives him the words that start changing his mind. Again, this is a general problem with the CE entries- voice actor trivia. The fact is, there are several big name anime VAs in Japan who will often work togethor.

I've kept the current mentions since they seemed relevant but I think this is starting to venture into trivia better mentioned in the entries for the actual actors themselves, not the pages of characters they've voiced. Do we need this much detail on some of the battles and do we need the trivia at all?

athrun and meyrin relationship trust

Deleting most if not all of the trivia wouldn't bother me. Axed the bit on love interests pointing pistols at each other - there's too many examples of major cast members pointing pistols at each other for this to mean anything. Also axed references to voice actors appearing together in other shows.

Kira & Athrun meet

If it needs to be listed, it should be under the appropriate VA's, not here. Axed the reference to the Libyan city, Al Athrun; there's no evidence that the city, if it exists, has anything to do with the character's name. The trivia related to the Infinite Justice mobile suit belongs on that page, not this.

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Most of the rest should probably be melded into the rest of the atricle or axed. He's the only illustrator credited in the novel; there is no mention of Hirai Hisashi.

Basically, the character art at the start of the book is from model sheets Hirai did. The actual full page art seen in the rest of the book is by Tomofumi -- HellCat86 So I guessed Hirai-san did not get credited then. I see no reason why people keep editing her out as that.