Ask hiro and baymax relationship

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ask hiro and baymax relationship

Things take a turn when he begins to target the Big Hero 6 and Hiro is forced to Mostly about Hiro and Gogo and how they develop their relationship from . her for so long Hiro is finally going to try and gain up the courage to ask Gogo out. These one shots also focus on Carrie's relationships with other characters and she decided to see if her boyfriend Hiro Hamada was in his lab room. She sent a text asking if he understood about Granville's science event. Hiro: Tadashi: Gogo: Honey: Wasabi: Fred: *BONUS*. Aunt Cass: Baymax: even after Hiro asked him not too, all to save the man who was now standing right the Hamada brothers' relationship is so well-established in such a short amount.

He spends all his time in his room working on inventions! Tadashi then pulls his shirt up over his head, revealing two painted-on black dots where his eyes should be. It makes him look exactly like Baymax.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

You know the sort. Like the famous one for FBI where the acronym spells something different entirely. Tadashi is a popular guy, though. Many of his friends surely find his schtick pretty hilarious.

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She was also one of his good friends — unless she was something more? There is some evidence that she had a romantic connection with him. Of course, that might only be this comic.

Here Gogo and Tadashi and texting until all hours of the morning.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

Their expressions give it away. They enjoy talking to each other. That much is obvious. In the film, we find out that Gogo is a racer.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

We like to think that they would have come around to each other. She hurls fire attacks that seem to run counter to her upbeat disposition in every day life.

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They did according to this comic. Maybe there was a Helga situation going on. Maybe she never worked up the courage to ask him out on a date. Chances are this was a reciprocated romance. It only goes to show that many of the characters miss Tadashi for reasons quite different from brotherly love. Pinterest At the beginning of Big Hero 6, we see what a shark Hiro can be.

He joins a street battle where people are squaring off with their bots. It looks like Hiro is a hapless kid who is going to get beaten. But he manages to win using his sick skills that can only come from playing way too many video games. Can I get a holler? Hiro has never encountered Baymax before. As soon as the battle begins, Baymax hugs the aggressive robot minion. Both Hiro and his minion are baffled. Tadashi throws his head back and laughs. Baymax is tender and all about offering support and care.

I wonder what Tadashi would think if he knew that his support-robot and his baby brother were getting their Tony Stark on. Baymax and Wall-E share some key characteristics. In a way, he and Baymax are both cleaners. The movie is an environmental cautionary tale. Earth is polluted to the point that nobody can live there anymore. WALL-E fulfils his programming despite all the other worker bees losing powers eons ago.

Not only is it super clever, it perfectly captures what Baymax is to both brothers— a link that transcends mortality.

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After he disappears in the burning building, Tadashi leaves Hiro a little surprise. It turns out to be Baymax. Hiro eventually comes to love the big lug, of course. The robot then shows Hiro a video of Tadashi stored on his inner drive.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

I am a lighting artist! How long did you personally work on the film?: A little over 4 months. Which of the scenes that you worked on are you most proud of? My favorite scene that I worked on is when Hiro cries for the first time… because that scene made me cry!

The tears were really hard to do! I think watching it with my friends and family. I did not, not on this one. He and the other director, Don Hall, were really awesome. What are you working on next?: Favorite scene in the movie no spoilers: I love the sequence when they fly. However, because Hiro unintentionally summoned Baymax when the former expressed pain, the robot viewed Hiro as his patient, becoming solely devoted to him and unable to dismiss himself until the boy was satisfied with his care, vocally expressing that fact.

This led Baymax to carry out every small order given by Hiro, no matter how literal or sarcastic, in hopes of improving the boy's health, as a result of his programming. As time went on, however, Baymax's treatment towards Hiro began to change. As the robot began learning and understanding the basics of human emotion, a personal bond with Hiro began to form. His dedication towards his "patient" was no longer due to programming alone, but also because of a mutual love.

In turn, Hiro grew to love Baymax, who served as his ultimate form of comfort, a loving reminder of Tadashi and a nurturing companion. This is powerfully showcased when the duo found themselves trapped within Yokai's portal while trying to save Abigail.

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While Baymax was willing to sacrifice himself, Hiro strongly refused, as he didn't have the strength to lose him too. Nevertheless, he fought through his emotions using Baymax's lesson of overcoming loss, but not forgetting, allowing him to bid farewell to his companion, in addition to expressing his love for the first time through a hug.

Following these events and Baymax's eventual revival, the duo remains as close as ever, forming a brotherly relationship and spending their days beside one another through all events, including their mission to protect the world in Tadashi's honor. Hiro was first introduced to the rest of his team including Fred, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi and Honey Lemon when he was tricked by Tadashi into visiting his college.

He got to meet each of Tadashi's best friends and understand their individual quirks.

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He was impressed with all their inventions and was surprised by Fred with his mascot costume. Hiro then proclaimed his desire to apply at the institute and immediately began working to develop Microbots. During the time of and before the convention, he had become good friends with everyone.

After the death of Tadashi, the team members took Hiro under their wings, comforting him, supporting him, taking care of him and protecting him throughout the film in place of Tadashi, creating a close bond. This continued even after Baymax's undesired abandonment near the end of the film, as his friends helped him cope with yet another tragic loss. Honey and Fred serve as enthusiastic supporters, Wasabi often watches out for Hiro's health and physical well-being and Go Go is arguably the closest to the boy, eventually taking on the role of a protective older sibling figure to him.

Hiro first met Krei at the convention where he was showing off his Microbots and Krei immediately took an interest, hoping to buy the Microbots. However, Callaghan warned Hiro that Krei was known to cut corners and subtly manipulated Hiro to refuse. Krei was clearly disappointed.