As you like it celia and oliver relationship problems

In the play As You Like It by William Shakespeare, love portrays and presents itself The relationship of Celia and Rosalind has a parallel, and, in a way a. The dynamics of relationships in Shakespeare's “As You Like It” Who made these remarks about the dear Rosalind, was it Celia, the one whom she calls 'coz' , In Act 2 scene 3 Adam and Orlando are discussing Orlando's money issues. Celia values her relationship with Rosalind so much that very little else matters to her, which is why she runs away with Rosalind to the Forest of Arden.

as you like it celia and oliver relationship problems

Here we can see that Orlando follows the literary tradition of love when he urges to put his emo- tions into words and to display them. Let no face be kept in mind But the fair of Rosalinde.

In addition, when Silvius also falls in love with Phebe, he believes his sentiments to be the truest that have ever been: Silvius, however, is no poet and does not put his feelings into verse like Orlando does.

as you like it celia and oliver relationship problems

His expressions of love mainly serve one pur- pose, namely to convince Phebe of accepting him; whereas Orlando does not directly woo Rosalind but writes love poetry merely for the joy of being in love. Altogether, these have been only a few examples of the literary expression of love in As You Like It. On the other hand, however, there is a more realistic view of romantic love by Rosalind and a parody of it by Touchstone.

Romantic and Realistic Love in Shakespeare’s "As You Like It"

Most of the time, how- ever, when talking about love, they speak in prose, using a realistic and not imaginative language. In this context, Rosalind disguised as Ganymede teaches Orlando to distance himself from the exaggerated romantic love and to return to the reality of everyday life. When Orlando claims that he will die if Rosalind rejects him, she counters down-to- earthly: All in all, in As You Like It, the focus is laid upon the classical romantic love; but different to some other Shakespearean plays, this literary romantic love is contrasted with a more realistic approach to love.

Rosalind and Celia show the most important and withstanding love.

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Celia sternly tells her father that wherever he sends Rosalind, so to will she follow. The relationship of Celia and Rosalind has a parallel, and, in a way a doppelganger: Their relationship is destructive and is clearly the opposite of what is shown in Rosalind and Celia.

Rosalind and Celia

They grow to resemble the love of Rosalind and Celia and create a new type of love for each other. Touchstone exemplifies the cynical type of love through his chauvinistic and meaningless view of love and marriage.

as you like it celia and oliver relationship problems

He finds Audrey, a simple shepherd in the Forest of Arden, in and declares that they are to be married. Touchstone states that he would rather be cheated on then to not be married at all.

This desperate statement shows that Touchstone only follows what he believes he should do, rather then feeling something real.

as you like it celia and oliver relationship problems

Orlando and Silvius are so love sick and begin to write silly love poems and saying ridiculous things in front of their lovers. Orlando, completely smitten by Rosalind begins to write absurd love poetry on the trees of the forest about the beauty of Rosalind; From the east to western Ind No jewel is like Rosalind Her worth being mounted on the wind, Through all the world bears Rosalind 3.

If the cat will after kind, So be sure will Rosalind. Wintered garments must be lined; So must slender Rosalind 3.

Touchstone ridicules the love that he perceives to be over dramatic and unnecessary and portrays love disgustingly and as a typical man. Silvius and Phoebe were unable to harmonize their views of love in the beginning of the play.

Silvius saw love as painful and perceived Phoebe as the murderer of his heart.

as you like it celia and oliver relationship problems