As you like it celia and oliver relationship counseling

as you like it celia and oliver relationship counseling

Look through photographs from the performances of As You Like It. .. some serious relationship counselling); and Celia meets and falls in love with Oliver. ROSALIND and CELIA are cousins and best friends, like sisters, but of our principal characters and we begin to see all the relationships that will tie . The old shepherd who is mentor to Silvius, counselor to Touchstone and. In As You Like It, witty words and romance play out against the disputes of divided pairs of brothers. Orlando's older brother, Oliver, treats him badly and refuses.

Touchstone states that he would rather be cheated on then to not be married at all. This desperate statement shows that Touchstone only follows what he believes he should do, rather then feeling something real. Orlando and Silvius are so love sick and begin to write silly love poems and saying ridiculous things in front of their lovers. Orlando, completely smitten by Rosalind begins to write absurd love poetry on the trees of the forest about the beauty of Rosalind; From the east to western Ind No jewel is like Rosalind Her worth being mounted on the wind, Through all the world bears Rosalind 3.

If the cat will after kind, So be sure will Rosalind. Wintered garments must be lined; So must slender Rosalind 3. Touchstone ridicules the love that he perceives to be over dramatic and unnecessary and portrays love disgustingly and as a typical man. Silvius and Phoebe were unable to harmonize their views of love in the beginning of the play. Silvius saw love as painful and perceived Phoebe as the murderer of his heart. Phoebe is of course overwhelmed by the constant nagging of Silvius, but becomes blinded by the sweetness that is hidden behind.

Phoebe is unable to see the person who truly loves her and is only able to see beyond that, see what she really wants, but will never get. Unfortunately, through much of the play Orlando and Rosalind do not interact as two people in love. He sent me hither, stranger as I am, To tell this story, that you might excuse His broken promise, and to give this napkin Dyed in [his] blood unto the shepherd youth That he in sport doth call his Rosalind 4.

Although it is Ganymede that Orlando is asking forgiveness, Rosalind still could see the authenticity within Orlando. Throughout the play, characters develop and stand by their beliefs on love.

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Some are comedic and some are genuine. Or is it for the life misspent there? Audrey is a goat herder. Goats go where they want when they want. Goats eat what they want, drink what they want, love what they want.

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Audrey goes where she wants whenever she wants. Audrey eats what she wants, drinks what she wants, loves who she wants.

as you like it celia and oliver relationship counseling

So, why does wrong feel so right? His life is there for the merriment of others, in turn he seeks merriment only in his life.

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He pursues all worldly pleasures and comforts. In atypical Shakespearean fashion, this fool is not the wisest character in the play, in fact he is oft times the most ridiculous, given as he is to be prone to his baser wants and needs whether they be food, drink or sex.

Even though his court was overthrown and he was exiled to the Forest of Arden, his winning personality and leadership remained and he has become the de facto Duke of the Forest.

He gains followers every day. He could be content living the rest of his days in the forest, but he misses his daughter terribly and wants to reunite. One of the first to join with Duke Senior when he was banished, Aimens has become one of his closest confidants. Their relationship has mellowed into a comfortableness that belies their attraction to each other.

as you like it celia and oliver relationship counseling

Aimens may have been a court singer before as she sings several of the solos in the show. When his precious daughter escapes with her cousin, he is racked with madness, desperate to find them and return his daughter to his side. This role will be played by the actor playing Duke Senior. Silvius A young shepherd who should be making the moves to own his own flock, but he is madly in love lust?

He follows her like a puppy dog, no matter how she treats him. When Phoebe declares her love for Ganymede Rosalindhe pines still and is willing to take her back when she gets dumped. Rosalind feels for the boy, perhaps be she recognizes he needs a guardian angel, as he impulsively leaps.

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Phoebe is a shepherdess without her flock. At loose ends, she refuses to follow the pack. It would be simpler for her if she could just love Silvius, who pursues her endlessly. Phoebe Corin The old shepherd who is mentor to Silvius, counselor to Touchstone and real estate agent to Rosalind and Celia.

He speaks truthfully and honestly with a voice of experience. He represents all the good that a life time in the country can do for the soul and the man. Servant to the de Boys family, she raised the three sons as if they were her own.

Encouraging him to flee, she decides to join Orlando into the forest. But she is old, and the journey may kill her. She is not above putting on airs and Celia and Rosalind are not above piercing them. Dennis One of the servants in the DeBoys house.