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Aryn sun and john crichton relationship questions. Posted on Wicked elphaba and glinda relationship counseling. Posted on. John/Aeryn is the canonical pairing of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun in John and Aeryn's relationship was central to the story of Farscape. I wanted to start this article, “John Crichton and River Tam walk into a bar, John is immediately attracted to Aeryn Sun, but she has very little use for able to have meaningful relationships with others, and learns to value John Tips. Have a tip or story idea? Email us. Or to keep it anonymous, click here.

At the end of The Peacekeeper Wars he finally gets what he wants when Crichton uses a wormhole weapon on the Scarrens and Peacekeepers and is horrified, calling it "madness", finally understanding the danger of what he sought. He is last seen on Moya smiling as the Scarrens and Peacekeepers sign a peace treaty. Harvey[ edit ] Harvey is a neural clone of Scorpius and exists solely in the head of John Crichton. He was also played by Wayne Pygram. Harvey is the result of a neural chip that was placed into Crichton's brain by Scorpius after the Aurora Chair failed to reveal the wormhole information he was after.

His name, given to him by Crichton, is taken from either the Mary Chase play Harveyin which Harvey is an invisible six-foot, one-and-a-half-inch tall rabbit that only Elwood P. Dowd can see, or the popular film versions, both starring Jimmy Stewart ; Harvey's purpose is threefold: Harvey also has the ability to stop Crichton's brain functions for a short time, making him appear dead. He can control Crichton's memory and nervous system when the chip is in place, which he uses to hide his presence from Crichton.

Eventually, the chip becomes strong enough to completely dominate Crichton's mind and body. Even after the chip is removed, Harvey is able to exert limited control over Crichton. After Scorpius reprograms him, Harvey has some type of mental link to Scorpius that allows Scorpius to track Crichton down after John is revived from his crystallization by the Eidelons.

Harvey contains much of Scorpius' knowledge and intellect. In Season 2, Harvey is discovered. He is basically a menacing hallucination of Scorpius that influences Crichton to become more erratic, unpredictable and similar to Scorpius.

John Crichton/Aeryn Sun

He is capable of killing Crichton and does his best to make sure that Crichton would not go against Scorpius's ideas. In the end of Season 2, Harvey dominates Crichton resulting in a mixed personality with dark humormurders his love Aeryn Sun whom the mixed personality also is attracted to and transmits a message to Scorpius.

After that, Crichton regains control, the chip is removed and stolen by Scorpius. In Season 3, Harvey discovers that even though the chip was removed, he has blended with Crichton's subconscious and is trapped there forever without any of his previous powers.

He attempts to manipulate John to commit suicide, but fails. Crichton is rescued and the only thing Harvey can do is give advice. Everything goes "fine" until John is twinned by a madman, twinning Harvey as well. He also points out that Scorpius did not copy his module, but that it was Furlow who also had the sketchy wormhole data Crichton had in early Season 1.

Talyn was quickly taken to Furlow's desert planet, but it was no longer inhabited. Charrids, the collaborators of Scarrans, had overrun Furlow's mechanic lab though.

Furlow indeed had made progress and the Scarrans soon got the data. To destroy the Dreadnought, Jack began building a wormhole weapon. To make sure Harvey would not get the unlocked data, Jack decided to destroy him. Harvey angrily opposed, but was "mortally wounded" nonetheless. In his last minutes, he took control over the unconscious Crichton and attempted to manipulate Aeryn to shoot him, claiming Crichton was dead.

He failed and his last words were: John's reasons to live Earth, dad, pizza, sex, cold beer, fast cars, sex, Aeryn, love were not adequate so Harvey proposed revenge. To discover a reason to live, Crichton created a cartoon reality to oppose an illusory D'Argo. To combat him, Pilot proposed to run from him, Jool proposed to try to talk to him, Chiana proposed to fight him. Crichton went with Harvey's idea after being clinically dead for a time and it worked.

But Crichton's idea, love, worked best. After that, Harvey unlocked Noranti's subliminal message: Crichton got the message after Aeryn left and at once decided to retrieve her. Unfortunately, after that, Moya was sucked down by a wormhole, leaving Crichton stranded. After Crichton returned to the ship, Scorpius asked for asylum.

Harvey suggested killing him. Scorpius proposed to erase Harvey. Since this Harvey had been in Crichton far longer than his twin, Crichton hesitated, but eventually agreed. After Crichton and Scorpius had allied and Crichton broke the agreement and left the hybrid to die, Harvey was "resurrected" and improved to Harvey 2. He was loyal to Scorpius and had a connection with him so Scorpius would know he was alive.

After Scorpius was rescued thanks to Harvey's lies, a war between Scarrans and Peacekeepers broke out and Crichton finally created the wormhole weapon. Harvey was deleted after his success, since his purpose was finally fulfilled. His last words were: A neural clone of John Crichton existed within it.

And since there were encryptions to the wormhole data, only he could unlock them. Scorpius showed him his violent past with the Scarrans and did everything to convince him, but the Crichton clone claimed he had already lost everything.

After Crichton refused to give him the data he needed, his anger's Scarran heat destroyed the chip and killed him. Well, wherever I wind up, when I see your mama, I'll be sure to give her your regards! After seeing a hallucinated Scorpius interact with Crichton in the second season's fourth episode, " Crackers Don't Matter ", they came up with the idea of putting Scorpius inside of John's head. The clone's presence was hinted at in the second and third episodes of the " Look at the Princess " trilogy as well as in " Beware of Dog " before his presence was revealed outright to Crichton in the season's 15th episode, " Won't Get Fooled Again ".

However, this then became an example of dramatic ironyas Crichton's memory of Harvey was erased, until he was revealed again. He is introduced to the series late in the first season and became a main character during the third season, before disappearing at the end of it and only returning at the end of the fourth season; he played a major part in The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series.

Stark wears a half-mask - strapped to his head by two separate buckles - of an unidentified metal, covering an incorporeal area that glows dark orange when uncovered, on the right side of his face roughly his eye and cheek-bone that he only reveals when he is taking away someone's pain or "crossing over" a soul—aiding or comforting a person in the moments prior to their death. However, in doing so, Stark absorbs a small fragment of the soul - and thus the knowledge and lingering emotions - of the person he "crosses over" into his own psyche, something which might explain his somewhat unbalanced mental behaviour although his undergoing months of torture may have even more to do with it.

In addition, by virtue of being a Stykera, Stark can ease the pain and suffering of others, one of the traits that made him sought after for Scorpius ' Aurora Chair research. Stark initially came into contact with John Crichton while both were being held prisoner in Scorpius' first Gammak Base devoted primarily to wormhole research. Having been a prisoner for many years, Stark informs Crichton that his Stark's survival is due both to his resistance to the effects of the Aurora chair and his pretense of acting mentally unbalanced in front of the guards, which causes them to leave him alone more often.

Stark assists Crichton in his escape to Moya and quickly forms a bond with Zhaan. During one of the crew's misadventures, they are put on trial for murder and Stark is executed by "dispersion" or the scattering of his molecules into atoms. He survives this because he is mostly made of energy, but his appearances thereafter show him as being more uneven in his personality.

After the crew robs the Shadow Depository and Zhaan confronts a lethal illness, he becomes genuinely disturbed and wrought with grief over her death. He joins up with the crew of Talyn but frequently is at odds with his desire to "save" others, which eventually alienates Aeryn and Crais.

Feeling that Zhaan is calling out to him, he eventually parts ways with the crew to search for her spirit. He is later found a prisoner on Katratzi which had been part of the reason Scorpius held him prisoner: He is rescued by Chiana and Noranti and rejoins Moya's crew.

During The Peacekeeper Wars, he is forced to "cross over" the Eidolon leader and thus gains his knowledge of the Eidolon powers, something that makes Stark almost crazy. He later transfers the knowledge and regains his usual personality. At the end of the series, Stark finds a measure of peace and leaves his mask with Crichton, revealing that the energy beneath it is now gone. As the series progresses, three different alternate 'versions' of Stark are seen: Hot to Katratzi ".

Zhaan[ edit ] Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, played by Virginia Heyis a Delviana blue, spiritual, humanoid plant species, and a Pa'u priestess in their religious order.

Zhaan was imprisoned aboard Moya for the assassination of the leader of the Delvian government and her lover, Bitaal. Bitaal refused to step down as leader of the Delvian people when his tenure was over. He, along with other conservative Pa'us, hired the Peacekeepers for "external security.

Zhaan, while in Unity an erotic, if not entirely sexual, activity unique to Delvians with Bitaal, killed him and drove herself insane in the process. It is unclear whether Zhaan was a member of a terrorist group or whether she acted alone. She has also been an anarchistand like other trained Delvians, Zhaan has several empathic and telepathic abilities which she cultivated to Pa'u level during her time in prison on Moya, although she was forced to channel these abilities to cause harm during the crew's first confrontation with the powerful Maldis in order to stop him and save the currently-imprisoned Crichton.

She is also skilled in medicine and other related sciences. During her time aboard Moya, she is often seen making drugs and explosives in her workshop to assist her shipmates.

As a Pa'u, Zhaan's spiritual abilities significantly improve upon achieving a new level. When first introduced, Zhaan is a level nine Pa'u, with the ability to lessen the pain of others by taking some portion of it into herself. Later in the series with Crichton's help, she gains a level, becoming a level ten Pa'u and gaining the ability to protect others from psychic attack with her own mind. In the episode "Bone to Be Wild" she shows that for short periods of time she can make herself invisible, although it is not stated whether or not this is only possible when surrounded by foliage.

Towards the beginning of the third season, Zhaan saved the seemingly dead Aeryn Sunand in the process became critically ill herself. While the crew are searching for a planet with the right conditions for Zhaan to heal, John Crichton diverts Moya to investigate a wormhole instead, where the Leviathan collides with another spacecraft.

John could only sit there, dumbfounded. He looked down at her prone form. So vulnerable, he thought. He realized with a start that he had never thought of Aeryn in that way before.

I guess a lot of things are about to change. I don't know what to say. I am," she said, smiling broadly at him. Please tell me you are too. If you're happy, then I'm ecstatic. He's always thinking about me; caring about me, about what I want.

Now please tell me why you've been hiding from me since you found out. Then I was worried you'd be angry with me I know it wasn't rational. I know you love me but I was still so scared. I also didn't want you to see how sick I've been. I didn't want to hurt you. He rose to sit beside her and put an arm around her. Back on Earth pregnant women are known for being overly emotional. Eventually Aeryn noted the bemused look on his face. I'm a soldier, not a nursery tech.

This is going to be interesting. Eventually John left Aeryn to get some rest and headed down to Command. He felt as though he were floating, not walking. Zhaan and D'Argo were there when he arrived. As he expected, the Luxan gave him one of his crushing bear hugs as he entered. D'Argo's expression turned serious and he said, "You know what this says about how much she loves you, don't you?

I guess that's more Sebacean brainwashing she's managed to jettison - just like Lo'Laan did. One of the best days we've ever had on Moya Hell, one of the best days I've ever had - period.

Aeryn turned out the light by the bed and slid in beside him. She nuzzled his neck as she hugged him tightly and whispered "I love you. I missed you so. What else could I do? My head is still spinning just thinking about it. It's exciting and terrifying and a whole bunch of other things all at the same time.

I have this little life growing inside me. I'm just an innocent bystander by comparison. I've never really given it much thought, though. I guess I'd better now. Not after seeing you with Talyn.

But the thought still crossed my mind. And I suppose little Peacekeepers have to come from somewhere. They start drumming the importance of it into us at a very early age. They discourage the idea of having a family at every opportunity. But I know that deep down many of us want them. My parents obviously did. And over the cycles enough of my friends, women and men, told me that they did too. It's in our nature. In the back of my mind I've always wanted a child.

I was angry at myself for being careless, even though there was no way I could have known the implant had failed. A big part of me started screaming all those Peacekeeper ideas at me. But another part of me reminded me how so many of my friends had told me they wanted children; how I want them She asked if I was really sure about it. Again a part of me wanted to say yes, but another part was thrilled at the idea of having a child - our child.

So I told her no, I wasn't sure, and she told me to take some time to decide about what I really wanted. Many of us do have children, just not many of the front line troops like I was.

It doesn't stop them from being good soldiers, so why should it stop me? Being pregnant will interfere with my training and workouts, but it isn't forever. I see now that being a mother will not change everything else I am. And I realize now just how lucky I am to have this chance. The database is so geared to military field medicine that I think its almost useless.

We have found a small file on labor and delivery, though, that should come in handy.

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But then we already knew that. Both Zhaan and Aeryn gave him looks of distaste. What'd I say now? John tells me that's longer than a human pregnancy. But I do see the problem. If Aeryn delivers when the baby reaches a normal size for a Sebacean then it may be born prematurely. Perhaps we'll have to find a planet that does and make sure to be in its vicinity when the baby comes. Cutting Aeryn open and taking the baby out. The possibility had never occurred to her.

Is there information on it in this file you mentioned? It's the first thing I looked for in it. In any case, we've got a small stockpile of Aeryn's blood on hand should we need it for such an operation.

But then I guess cutting me open certainly would qualify," she said, self-consciously putting a hand over her womb. For example, where do you want to have the baby? Or would you prefer your quarters? In my culture it wasn't the custom until relatively recently. I'll do whatever Aeryn wants," he said, looking over at her. Both John and Zhaan gave her looks of surprise, and, in John's case, hurt. Besides, there's not much that's harder than giving birth. I want to be there.

I want to help you through it. If it makes you happy. And I suppose I'll need the help, won't I? Would you be more comfortable with D'Argo, Rygel or Chiana? I just want your approval beforehand in case I do. They won't be there unless I call on them. Pilot was busy conducting his usual system checks when he noticed her come into his chamber. She leaned over the control panel.

I was wondering when I would see you next. I have missed your company. It was an odd admission for Pilot to make. And I guess otherwise I've been trying to keep to myself. One's thoughts are apt to turn inward at times like this. Allow me to extend my congratulations. I'm just beginning to get tired of the way they've been treating me.

They're acting as if I've suddenly become helpless and fragile. Me - a Peacekeeper - fragile? They hover around me, waiting on me - always asking if I need anything - always asking how I am Frell, you just did it.

It's getting on my nerves," she finished, her anger flaring. I have experienced a similar behavior during Moya's pregnancies. You in particular were always inquiring as to her and the baby's condition. I think John does too. That really surprised him, she thought happily. Well, maybe he is. We know you'd do everything in your power to help us. You've done it so often before.

You don't even have to tell us that. I will stop the monitoring if you wish. If you didn't do it John would probably just ask you to behind my back. If it puts your minds at ease I'll tolerate it. Before, she would have been irate to learn I was watching her. The maternal instinct is as strong in her as it is in Moya. But then, I already should have surmised that from how she was with Talyn. John was keeping watch in Command as D'Argo walked in.

I think she went down to see Pilot. I think she was originally fascinated by his selfless devotion to duty. I think that was something of a revelation for her.

And ever since what happened with Namtar I know how much that still bothers you. A part of you has never forgiven us for that. I just think I understand your motivation a lot better all of a sudden. I'm beginning to really understand what you feel towards your son, your desperation to get home to him, to protect him.

And it's not like I feel I have any choice about them either. I find myself worrying about that baby all the time. They need me along. I always go down to commerce planets. I can take care of myself.

Besides, Caio is one of the most advanced planets we've ever visited. I don't think there's anything to worry about. And, besides, Zhaan wants to take me to one of their medical facilities to see if they have anything that might help us. This may be a place we'll be able to come back to if the baby or I need help. She felt him pull away slightly. I'm just tired, that's all.

There's been a lot to do. You're acting as if you don't want me. I just feel a little weird about it, that's all. It's not just the two of us here anymore. It makes me feel kind of Now it was her turn to flinch. This is silly, he thought.

Everything has been fine since Aeryn stopped barfing all the time. Why am I so on edge? Because a million things can go wrong, that's why, he answered himself. They all stared intently at the projections that appeared on the viewer. This is just like an ultrasound, John thought as he looked at the ghostly images. The baby's head was clearly evident. John even imagined he could make out some of the face.

Zhaan, run through the inventory, he thought, mentally crossing his fingers. Aeryn could see their questioning looks. There used to be problems because there was such a strong preference for girls. I just want to follow tradition. The baby's supposed to be a surprise. Those aren't words I usually put together, Zhaan and John both mused. It will be my secret. Presently she said, "You can open them now.

Everything's there and where it belongs. He was surprised by the strength of his feeling of relief. It's supposed to be a surprise. He's going to have hard time, though, I've been working on my gift to the child for some time.

He sat up, fully alert. He looked at her through bleary eyes. I'm sure that's what it was this time. It was so strange. You can come with us if you want. You're getting too far along. I'll go with Zhaan - alone. With a pulse rifle? I want my child to have a father, not bits of one. I'd been here, what, a couple months? Give me one really good reason. I can barely get into what I've got now. Even my boots are getting tight.

She landed flat on her face! Pregnant Women Falls Bad News. It was nothing," Aeryn said as she sat up. She looked at Chiana, who had dropped to her knees to help her, and saw the concerned and frightened look on the young Nebari's face.

I just wish I knew where my center of gravity was from day to day. D'Argo warned us that the baby would start to grow a lot faster after I got past the half-cycle point. The fact it's moving around doesn't help, either. And I won't even bother to mention that my joints are loosening and my feet are swelling.

My words are lost on him until Zhaan reinforces them. Finally, Zhaan arrived and gave her a clean bill of health. John reached down to help her up. I don't need rest. I was going to show Chiana how to do some maintenance on one of the transports. I can't get into the crawlspace to do it myself anymore.

I wasn't looking forward to doing them anyway. Why did you have to go and make a big deal out of it? Now everyone's going to start treating me like I'm even more fragile than they already have been. I told you not to do anything to encourage them! I guess I feel guilty for not having been here.

She settled on the former. We're going to need it soon. John sat behind Aeryn with his arms around her and both of them had their hands on her belly, feeling the baby kick and spin. It's not a blob. I'm very aware of its arms and legs these days. Not to mention its head when it smacks into one of my kidneys or something. Yeah, we men do get all the breaks sometimes According to tradition this child shouldn't even exist. That was uncalled for. It is the truth, after all.

In fact, I think that's part of why I'm now more conscious of my traditions. I've gone against several major ones. Maybe now I'm trying to make up for it a little. Don't hold it against me that I choose to keep the ones I like. Be proud of me for disposing of the ones I don't. They sat in silence again for a while before John said, "Tell me more about this Naming tradition. After the baby's born the custom is for the parents to take it outdoors, together with their friends and their families. The mother whispers the child's name into its ear and then holds it up to the sun.

She then says the name out loud so the sun, the father and everyone else can hear it. Perhaps it has to do with the light being the source of all life. I guess here on Moya we'll have to make do with the terrace and all the stars. You were given a name by your mother at birth and that was that.

The only times I've ever seen Namings were in vids. My first one will be my own. The tradition is for the child to have the father's family name. I'm having a hard time coming up with something that goes with 'Crichton,'" she said playfully. The child is often named after a close friend, usually one who is no longer alive. As I was a Peacekeeper I have plenty of candidates to choose from," she said, her tone suddenly somewhat bitter. My mother was a commando, like I was.

I'm sure she had plenty of dead comrades as well. But I was taken from her before I was old enough to ever have asked about my name," she said, her chin lowered to her chest. More resentment, John thought. This whole business is bringing up a lot of bad memories for her. My mother never said anything about him. The one thing I know is that she loved him, just like I love you. Chiana must have done it. As John sat down beside her, Chiana brought out a large tray of food for them. Gifts later," she giggled.

After the meal D'Argo brought out three boxes and set them before the guests of honor. Inside they found several baby's blankets, all made of a shimmering material against which the room's lights cast ever shifting rainbows of color. I purchased the material ages ago. I was saving it for something special.

Pilot suggested the idea to me. The gold badge is to be placed in the infant's vicinity. It can only broadcast, not receive.

The silver units are for the two of you. They can only receive the special frequency. They can also be used to communicate solely with each other. Portable baby monitors and personal cell phones all in one. I'm sure they'll come in handy for alerting Aeryn for those late night feedings. Not yet," Rygel said. The Luxan returned carrying an ornately carved wooden crib. I hope it serves you well. I've made this so that it can be bolted securely to the floor of the child's room.

And, with Pilot's help, I've also installed this," he said, turning the crib over to reveal a small metal box on it's underside. I've equipped it with a motion sensor so that if Moya makes any violent movements the field will activate and keep the baby from being tossed around dangerously. There's also a small alarm that will sound if the field activates. The 'baby monitor' will easily pick it up," he said, turning the crib back over, "especially if you mount it here in the bracket I've provided for it.

Who would have ever thought to put the Leviathan equivalent of air bags on a crib?

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It must have been painful to make that. Everything about it must have reminded him of Jothee.

But his love for his son is built into it, isn't it? Or is it his love for us? Before she had a chance to open the box Rygel added, "Everyone was talking about the traditions in their culture as we planned this little event - about how they all seem to have an occasion like this one for the expected arrival.

In the Hynerian Empire, however, we do things a little differently. Before a birth we give the mother a gift. This is for you, Aeryn Sun. She held it up for everyone to see. It was a heavy gold necklace with a large white gem as its centerpiece. They were full of all sorts of precious metals. Where do you think all those little goodies we've had since then came from?

We've still got quite a bit left, too, I might add. If D'Argo hadn't helped me recover it I'd have had it all to myself. We've been keeping it a secret for its safekeeping in case we get raided. Don't even think of asking us where it's hidden.

Buyer beware indeed," he chuckled. I guess I've picked up a bit about metalwork in learning how to make keys and whatnot. Pilot and the DRDs helped me.

I really needed it when I was working on the platinum for the jewel's mounting and the thread. We give the offspring gifts afterwards.