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Want to start watching the Monogatari Series, but don't know where to start .. So he still with Senjougahara, You mentioned them breaking up. At home, Koyomi is the only person who thinks that his family relationship is bad, while . In spite of this, Araragi approaches Hitagi minutes later, showing that the .. to the shrine every morning even at the day of his college entrance exam. One of the main aspects of the Monogatari series that entices me so much is budding relationship between Araragi Koyomi & Senjougahara Hitagi. She even flirts with him a little to get a rise out of him, perhaps to test the.

This two episode arc concludes with Hitagi begging the crab to give her weight back: Senjou is very pleased with the result, gaining her natural weight back, and tells Araragi they will become friends for him assisting her, which surprises Koyomi greatly: This whole sequence is one of my favorites of the Monogatari series, a big factor for why Bake is my 1 arc of the anime, from the directing and choice of color for sure, but also the conversation that occurs between the two.

Hitagi insists that she repay Koyomi in some sort of way, that he could ask her to do anything he wanted and she would comply.

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At the end of Mayoi Snail, she confesses this fact to Araragi that there was never a girl there for her to see, yet she did in fact promise him that she would help him as friends at the park. Almost forcibly, she announces she loves him and that they should form a relationship together, startling the timid Araragi.

She pries and pries, backing him into a fence and demands that her need to be with him be met, to which he finally obliges.

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It's always a nice feeling when two people get so close that they can come to this kind of understanding; to open up in such a way with no holding back. It was just a nice touch to deepen their bond, to confirm that they should be serious with each other. The arc of the cat was mainly focused on Hanekawa, but there was one separate from the main storyline episode near the end where Araragi and Senjou share a beautiful, genuine moment of romance together.

I really enjoyed the brief discussion her Dad had with him after Senjou left the car for a minute, telling him how he had never seen his daughter so happy before: Through out these battles, his relationship with Hanekawa grows, despite attempting to rudely push her away to prevent her from getting harmed.

She ultimately gets wrapped into the fights, causing him to save her. His use of vampire powers also escalates with each battle.

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Once he succeeds in obtaining the stolen limbs and the heart, secretly being kept by OshinoKiss shot returns to her original form. The two chit-chat for a while and get along quite nicely. Before Kiss shot reveals how she'll turn him back into a human, Koyomi goes on a trip to the store to get some snacks. Shocked and outraged, Koyomi runs away and contemplates suicide for reviving a monster that eats people.

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She nearly allows him to touch her breasts as means to "prepare him for the fight," but he changes his mind at the last minute, realizing that it's not something "friends" were normally supposed to do. He battles Kiss shot with the intent to kill her. The fight ultimately seems pointless, as the two regenerate at extremely rapid rates, healing all seemingly fatal wounds almost instantaneously. Through this fight, her true intentions are revealed. After sucking her blood to the brink of death, Kiss shot admits she planned on having Koyomi kill her.

That way, she could finally find a proper way to die and allow a minion of hers to turn back into a human, as the death of the master causes the servant vampire to regain humanity. This would relieve her of her guilt regarding her first minionin which she was unwilling to save long ago.

Instead, after having her plan revealed, Koyomi rejects it as he doesn't want to kill her. Instead of killing her completely, he would get her to the brink of death, weakening her power, making him as close to human as possible. In return, she'd be so weak that she wouldn't even be able to take the same name anymore, nor hunger for humans. In order to keep her alive, Koyomi would occasionally feed her his blood.

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This plan goes through. The now unnamed vampire holds a grudge and refuses to speak. At the same time, Koyomi's relationship with Tsubasa seems to be head in a positive direction, as they end up in the same class.