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April and Matthew's Wedding is the aborted wedding between April Kepner and Matthew figured out that April had a prior relationship with Jackson and asked April worried because her new bridesmaids all had their own problems when the April Kepner · Matthew Taylor · Jackson Avery · Arizona Robbins · Meredith . April Kepner is a former attending trauma surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She was married to Jackson Avery, with whom she has a deceased and discussed their relationship problems together, bonding them. Jackson Avery and April Kepner have certainly been through the wringer They started their relationship in the most romantic of ways, running off to get that divorce is not an option and that they'll work through their issues.

Possibly the worst part of the relationship is that Izzie was willing to throw away her career for him. The infamous cutting of the LVAD wire shows that, as much as she was trying to save Denny, she was trying to save something for herself as well. The entire turn of events and relationship is toxic and not at all how love should be portrayed. But he was a great man, and he deserved everything in the end. She also had the ability to tell him wrong, and for him to believe it.

Catherine, so far, has been the only woman able to keep Richard in line. While that mostly is a testament to Catherine, it also shows that couples work as a team. George loved Meredith from afar from the beginning. He did everything he could to get her attention while she had her eyes on Derek — a classic story of the good guy who can't let go of woman who just wants to be friends.

He finally got his chance, when Meredith went on her spree of sleeping with people. George took this as a front, and walked out, leaving Meredith alone.

Their relationship became estranged after that for a while. This couple really did show there were many other people that she could have been with, but that Derek was The One. However, April did persuade him to change his mind on one of his patients and do what Meredith had suggested. Impressed with her, he asked her out to dinner.

After the dinner, when April told everyone what had been happening, they told her that he thought this was a relationship. Before Arizona came along, Mark and Callie were a great relationship, but once Arizona or Erica Hahn came into the picture, it should have stopped. Even though they had a rough start because Derek decided to give it another try with Addison, in the end, they still were great for each other. Neither one was perfect, but they both brought out qualities that no one else could.

Who can forget that iconic scene when Meredith sets up a floor plan of the house with candles as a way of showing she wants to be with him? The best part about the two is that neither pushed the other for anything. Neither one had a problem getting married on a post-it note. They were just happy to be together. When Jackson tells April that he is sleeping with somebody else, she is visibly crushed and tells him that they can't be friends again until she has gotten over him.

In the next episode, a very attractive paramedic named Matthew Justin Bruening asks April out for coffee and they start seeing each other. Shortly afterwards she turns to Jackson for dating advice and it is hinted that Jackson is still in love with her when he shows signs of jealousy but Jackson overcomes his jealousy and they then re-establish their friendship. She confesses to Matthew that she is not a virgin anymore as she led him to believe and he breaks up with her because she lied to him.

However, in the next episode, Matthew forgives April and they get back together. He asks her to marry him through a flash mob and she says yes. In the season 9 finale, April thinks she lost Jackson when a bus blew up and tells him she loves him, but he only has a few injuries. She remains engaged to Matthew while Jackson dates Stephanie. At the wedding, Jackson realizes he still loves April and stands up professing his love. Jackson and April are seen driving off together at the start of the following episode and later it is revealed that they have secretly eloped.

At first April and Jackson do not tell their friends about their marriage, but later they do because of a new rule at the hospital. Catherine Avery is not at all happy about her son's elopement with April, and the fact that there wasn't a prenuptial agreement. They soon make up after April signs a postnuptial agreement.

Jackson and April soon hit a rough patch when they realize that they have different views in the way their children should be raised religious. Not long after their fight, April realizes she is pregnant. April and Jackson's baby is diagnosed during pregnancy with Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 2, and learn that the baby will not survive long after birth.

Jackson believes that termination is the best option, however April would rather give birth to the baby knowing it will not live very long. They scheduled an induction for the next day, at the beginning of the appointment they are asked to sign their baby's death certificate, which is too hard for the couple to bear.

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They decide to give birth to the baby via induction at 24 weeks gestation having it baptized right then.

She gave birth to Samuel Norbert Avery, and he died a few hours after birth. In the following weeks after Samuel's death, April and Jackson find it hard to be around each other and be intimate with one another.

After April tries to seduce Jackson in a supply closet, Jackson asks if she is sure she wants this so soon after the death of their son, leaving April to storm out in anger.

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In the series 11 finale April decides to join Owen Hunt for 3 months as a trauma surgeon with the army; this not being well received by Jackson. But after April states she needs this in order to grieve Samuel - Jackson lets her leave. Over the following months April lengthens her stay in the army, this having a strain on her and Jackson's marriage as Jackson can rarely get a hold of her or talk to her over the phone.

April Kepner

On Christmas Day after already being away for some time, April announces to Jackson while on video chat that she is staying for a longer service period, Jackson becomes angry with April but the conversation is cut short by sounds of gunfire and explosions from April's base camp, leaving her to terminate the call; meanwhile Jackson is unsure whether his wife is hurt or if she is ever coming home.

On Valentine's Day April returns to the hospital surprising Jackson, and they embrace in the foyer. In season 12, April and Jackson go through divorce proceedings started by Jackson. The morning before they sign the divorce papers, April discovers that she is expecting a second baby.

She does not inform Jackson, and he is told by Arizona Robbinswhich leads to additional tension. After Catherine Avery convinces Jackson to fight for full custody of his unborn child, April takes out a restraining order against him. The Averys' lawyer asks for all documentation of their marriage, when reading through their wedding vows, Jackson realizes that they should fix the situation for their child.

He and April decide to raise their son or daughter together as friends. Complications arise when April needs a c-section and Ben Warren has to do it without anesthesia or other medications. In seasons 13 and 14, April faces a crisis of faith as she begins to believe that good people get punished and bad people get good things. She does this after treating 3 seemingly simple patients who are good people and die. As a result, she goes into a dark place and uses partying and sex to mask her deep-rooted pain.

She earns the nickname "The Party" by the new interns. She refuses to let Jackson help her through this time. However, mid-Season 14, she encounters a terminal patient who helps April reaffirm her faith.

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April starts seeing Matthew again and their relationship is made public when the two are involved in a car accident, where April almost dies of hypothermia.

In the season finale, April and Matthew get married. Development[ edit ] Casting and creation[ edit ] I think it's a really fun character and, of course, getting to be on that show is wonderful and exciting for any actress in Hollywood.

I did not expect anything beyond that. The morning my firing episode aired, my agent got a call that they were talking about a contract and I was just completely floored. She described the call as a "totally happy surprise". She is one of them, even though they find her terribly annoying, and I think that that's sort of charming. She really knows what she's doing, she's worked really hard, and she certainly wants to do her best and stick around.

A normal, smart, doctor…. April is totally, totally clueless. Shonda told one of the directors, there are virgins that have sort of done everything else. Kepner entertained several relationships throughout her time on Grey's Anatomy.