Aneesa and rachel relationship counseling

aneesa and rachel relationship counseling

Many of those relationships formed in the following season, 's Real World/ Road “C.T.” Tamburello of Real World: Paris, and Real World: Chicago's Aneesa Ferreira, Brown received a round of radiation therapy that sent her cancer into remission. . And like Rachel, they keep coming back for more. "As a Marriage and Family Therapist, my perspective of the human condition and experience is derived from . Rachel M Brooks, Marriage & Family Therapist. We adopt a focus on how data mediates relationships personal, tool prototype, GaPBIT (Game Design Patterns for Brain Injury Therapy).

He and his wife are also writing their first book. Kevin is still working in politics, political activism, and writing books. Beth is married with two children. As ofshe was an inventor, owned a production company, and lived in Los Angeles. David is a father to a high school-aged daughter, and travels around doing stand-up comedy and directing short films.

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He was arrested again in July for charges of domestic violence. Rachel married Sean from the Real World: Boston and they have six children together. She is a TV host and author. Follow her on Twitter at RCamposDuffy.

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Graduate Student Nichole Miller: This workshop will teach participants the benefits of Yoga and meditation displaying ways to incorporate the practice of these disciplines into their everyday life to help deal with stress from work and personal stress.

Participants will learn specific yoga poses that will remediate stress caused directly from practicing as a Counselor. Participants will actively practice these skills and should come prepared to practice basic Yoga poses. It is recommended that participants wear comfortable clothing.

Participants will receive a summary of poses and interventions taught. We will share what we have learned on the job and information from our students. Participants will leave with improved knowledge, applicable skills and where to find additional information and training.

Student Dating violence prevention is now required for grades as a result of House Bill 19 and the State of Ohio. In order to effectively respond to this new legislation, schools must be prepared to implement programs that are cost effective, efficient, and appropriate for the age and needs of the students.

This session will address the various implications of this Bill and ways schools can run programs successfully. The various forms of dating violence will be covered as well, including sexting, cyberbullying, group sexual assault, drug and alcohol induced assault, and acquaintance rape. The most recent research on these issues will be addressed and dissected.

Working with Gifted Children: School Counselor Upper Arlington Board of Education Meeting the needs of gifted and talented students extends beyond their academic skills. This workshop will provide participants with knowledge, awareness, and skills needed to develop creative counseling techniques that facilitate social and emotional growth of gifted and talented individuals. This presentation will conclude with an interactive discussion on best practices in consultation and collaboration.

Eating Vegetables and Developing Testing Skills: Both are Good for You, School Counselors! Advanced Dilani M Perera-Diltz: Doctoral Student Cleveland State University School Counselors will have the opportunity to learn how to infuse testing into their daily work to become more efficient.

For those who are experiencing accountability pressures will have the opportunity to dialogue on how testing can help relieve some of that pressure. Attendees will leave the session with some concrete practical ideas for tests they can use, ways to explain test scores to students and parents, and ways they can use test data for accountability with school administrators.

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Division Meetings Again this year, the division meetings have been numbered and scheduled throughout Thursday and Friday in various time-slots. Be sure to consider this when planning your itinerary. Here is the schedule: Thursday, November 4 2: Join Bruce Boguski, author of The Testing Zone, in this fast paced seminar designed to assist teachers and students in overcoming test anxiety. The program will be filled with valuable information allowing students to become peak performers in the classroom.

Come prepared to have fun while learning the following: Director of Adult Residential Services Meridian Services The role of the counselor supervisor is pivotal in situations involving suicidal clients.

The purpose of this presentation is to present results of a recent grounded theory investigation which investigated the process of counselor supervision in situations that involve suicidal clients. Relevant findings from the study will be presented as they relate to specific practice considerations for counselor supervisees and supervisors.

Real-world strategies for effective counseling supervision will be provided. Handouts will be available to all attendees. Beating the Winter Blahs: What is Seasonal Affective Disorder S. Counselor Children's Advantage This presentation objectives are to provide practical and helpful tips to beat the "winter blahs", and to detail causes of seasonal fluctuations in our energy levels due to decreased light in Autumn and parts of Winter. The first goal of the session will be to provide helpful information, useful for our work in the counseling setting.

Secondly, we can examine our own interactions with this time period. Lastly some productive techniques for uplifting the mood will be solicited from volunteering members of the audience. Be prepared to have your mood lifted positively!!!! Assistant Professor Katie Kostohryz: Doctorial Candidate Mental health professionals who are interested in working with clients who have experiences in cults or cult like abusive relationships will benefit from this session.

Professionals will become knowledgeable about the cult phenomenon, mind control or manipulation tactics that abusive leaders use. Counselors will step away from this informative session with valuable counseling strategies that have been used at Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center which is currently the only facility nationally that treats survivors of cultic relationships.

In addition attendees will become familiar with Robert Lifton s model for working with individuals who have survived the cultic relationship. Counselor Children's Advantage Natalee Anderson: Intern Children's Advantage Rebecca Byron: Counselor Children's Advantage Tiffany Finley: Counselor Children's Advantage Presenters will discuss their experiences working with adolescents who present with anger issues in community and school environments.

Presenters will share strategies on how counselors can be more aware of and avoid their own frustration and anger that may arise while counseling adolescents and encourage audience members to share their own experiences.

Handouts will include resources, and audience members will leave with concrete ideas for working with angry teens.

She also makes hiring decisions for professional counselors in a mental health agency setting. Given the current job market, it is imperative for new graduates to learn ways to present themselves in a professional manner; to give themselves an edge over their competition and to get an offer for their first professional counseling position. Participants will be provided with examples of resumes, which attracted the attention of an employer and led to a successful job search.

Suggestions will be given regarding ways to enhance previous experiences which can be considered professional in nature. This presentation will be interactive. Opportunity will be given for consultation with the presenter for participants who have questions or wish to have their resume reviewed.

Associate Professor Vicki Kress: Doctoral Student This interactive presentation focuses on basic tips on getting published in the counseling profession. The presenters will provide suggestions on the following topics: This presentation will also focus on specific tips on publishing in the Journal of Counselor Practice The journal sponsored by the Ohio Counseling Association.

This presentation will focus on recognizing behavior patterns and signs of mental illness, substance use, and significant interpersonal stress in students. In addition, the presentation will address how counselors can recognize, respond, and de-escalate crisis situations in the school setting.

Graduate Student University of Toledo This session will illustrate the benfits of parent outreach programs. These benefits extend to students, parents, staff and overall school climate. Be prepared to learn some ideas of how you can reach out to the parents in your district and reap the benefits of improved communication between school and home for your students. This will end with a sharing session, so please bring some examples of how you address parent outreach in your school to share with the group as well.

It is an important tool to help students meet the new CORE curriculum and graduation requirements for a high school diploma. For years, districts have provided unique learning opportunities for students through independent study, PSEO and other educational options as requested and appropriate for a student. The credit flexibility plan for a school district opens up these options for all students and allows new creative ways for students to become college or work ready. Assistant Professor Katherine Ziff: Obtain an overview of the RC approach, including research supporting personal, social, and academic gains in students.

Strategies for service delivery, funding and evaluation will be presented. Roles played by school counselors, teachers, and school counseling program faculty will be discussed. Data analysis and findings from the evaluation of the project will be presented. School Counselor Elyria City Schools The intent of this presentation is to spark the interest of school counselors in using the sandtray in the school setting as a tool to augment traditional counseling techniques that rely on verbalization.

An overview of the applications of the sandtray medium in the school setting will be presented. The Sandtray-Worldplay method, as it relates to working with children in school, will be referenced. Children are referred to the school counselor for diverse reasons, e. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students look to the school counselor for help.

Associate Professor Norfolk State University This workshop explores strategies to help students make wise choices, take control of their lives and make connections to build successful relationships. Participants will learn how to teach these strategies to students, teachers and parents.

Advanced Norman F Shub: This workshop is designed to honestly and openly respond to that question. Program Director Hands Foundation of Medina County Alcohol presents a unique health challenge for women at any age, but for the maturing woman, those entering menopause and beyond, their is greater risk for many health concerns.

This workshop examines current research on alcohol use and breast cancer, as well as an overview on the risks for older adult women regarding alcohol, medication use, and substance use problems. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a newly developed prevention program: Current diagnostic criteria for substance use disorders will be examined relative to their shortcomings, when applied to the older adult. Program Coordinator -Chillicothe and Private Practice Miscommunication happens and hinders couple relationships, especially with diverse clients.

Counselors face multiple presenting problems when helping couples. A "model of miscommunication," research, and other communication theories will be presented that describe the multiple challenges that couples experience. Participants will learn communication techniques promoting therapeutic alliance formation, conversing about diversity issues, encouraging insight, and establishing couple catharsis.

Participants will receive a handout and practice introducing communication techniques with a case study. Doctoral Student University of Akron It is essential for counselors in both the school and clinical settings to keep abreast of the legal and ethical issues involved in the counseling of minors. Not only will the attendees review current laws and ethics involved in the counseling of minors, but they will also gain knowledge regarding practical strategies aimed toward their protection from malpractice suits, counseling-related litigation, and ethical discipline.

The attendees will also be provided with effective strategies for testifying in court. The attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of a panel, consisting of Professional Clinical Counselors and an Attorney, who is also a graduate counseling student.

Out on a Limb: Historically, these individuals have confronted numerous social and environmental obstacles. Although the rehabilitation counseling literature has offered a number of theories that outline an individual s adjustment to disability, there continues to be a limited amount of research for working with children with disabilities. Consequently, children with disabilities remain an enigma to those in the helping profession.

Although there are currently 4. Visiting Professor University of Toledo Counseling sexual and gender minorities can be challenging for a counselor with limited knowledge on the unique issues and needs that these clients present with.

This advanced presentation will provide counselors with specific techniques for working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning clients. The focus will be on Affirmative Counseling and how it can help facilitate the LGBTQ client s expression of feelings, personal decision-making, and true acceptance. Assitant Professor Greg A Brigman: Coordinating Supervisor School counselors can help urban students make progress toward graduation!

Come learn about Student Success Skills, a well-documented skill building curriculum for metacognition, social skills, and self-management skills.

Efficacy research on test scores will be presented. Then, a comprehensive retention-tograduation program will be described which is currently in place in two urban Ohio high schools in which four retention strategies are utilized, including Student Success Skills. Participants will be given time to ask questions and explore implications for practice in their schools.

aneesa and rachel relationship counseling

Professor Paul F Granello: Associate Professor Participants will learn how to train suicide gatekeepers to recognize and intervene with potentially suicidal persons. Suicide gatekeepers are not trained counselors, but are those who have contact with potentially suicidal persons e. Participants will learn how to implement suicide gatekeeper training in their schools, colleges, and agencies. The session will be an actual gatekeeper training session and a commentary on what should be included in training.

Thus, participants will both go through a typical gatekeeper training and learn how to conduct such a training. Participants will become certified Suicide Prevention Gatekeepers. Shirt-Chewers, Head-Bangers and Daydreamers: What s Going on in MY Classroom?

Exhausted from repeatedly consulting on attention problems, disorganization and lack of effort? Then this session is for YOU! We have created three minute workshops for you to present at your next staff meeting or in-service. These trainings are designed to help teachers identify student concerns and implement simple classroom inventions before referring students for counseling.

You will leave this session able to present three idea-packed workshops: Reproducible handouts, PowerPoint slides and evaluation forms provided. If so, this session is for you. Engaging ways to teach and reinforce positive study skills will be explored. Individual, small group and building-wide strageties with particular focus on reducing the number of failing grades will be presented.

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Our role as a school counselor puts us in the ideal position to create positive change. In this session, we will discuss how to enlist the help of other school personnel to provide direct academic supports to students. Senior Assistant Director Ben Williams: This session will include information on the various types of admissions policies from open enrollment to highly selective and the factors that determine success in college.

Participants will engage in hands-on activities to understand how college admissions officers make tough admission decisions CEU Responding to a Death in the School Community: Assistant Professor Most schools are eventually confronted with the need to respond to the death of a student or a member of the extended school community.

How a school responds in the immediate aftermath of the death is very important in maintaining a healthy, emotionally supportive environment for students and staff. Based on first-hand experience, this presentation focuses on providing a practical proactive plan for responding to a crisis such as the suicide of a student, or the death of a student or staff member.

Specific steps to manage the crisis, while allowing students to express and process their grief, will be presented. Graduate Student Heidelberg University Do you counsel adolescents experiencing depression in a school or mental health setting? Are you up to date with the latest research and recommendations pertaining to adolescent depression?

aneesa and rachel relationship counseling

Attendees of this session will learn about the latest research in adolescent depression and gain recommendations for practice in the areas of comorbidity, gender differences, multicultural considerations, and current best practices in counseling and medication treatment options.

The 5 year literature review includes an extensive look at ACA, Psychology, Social Work, Medical, and Education Journals and presents the most pertinent works relating to counseling practice. Since its introduction in by Marsha Linehan, DBT has been implemented worldwide to help clients afflicted with a variety of disorders.

This program will present attendees with an introduction to DBT and its implementation in mental health treatment.

So Coral Smith from real world has a white baby daddy?

Several DBT techniques and skills will be presented with discussion focused on application to individual and group therapy. Participants will be invited to interact and practice these skills and techniques, and will leave the session with usable ideas for clinical practice. This Is Your Brain on Drugs: Professional Clinical Counselor Community Services of Stark County Substance use issues are frequently an area of concern for counselors in schools and clinical settings alike.

This program will present current research on the neurobiological impact of substance use and it's impact on addiction and relapse throughout the stages of recovery. Discussion will include sharing neurobiological information as part of a pyschoeducational intervention and adapting traditional interventions to more effectively treat substance abuse.

Attendees will receive handouts appropriate for use with clients. Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters: Executive Director Child Protection Agency of Ross County This workshop will highlight the use of play therapy as an evidenced-based practice for serving children Notes with traumatic symptoms, and offer participants specific techniques for working with wounded children.

Participants will be exposed to clinical characteristics of trauma and the neuro-physiological effects that are often obstacles to effective treatment.

aneesa and rachel relationship counseling

Activities will be demonstrated that incorporate families in providing the child an additional sense of stability and security. Assistant Professor Sanda Gibson: Graduate Student This interactive presentation will provide the attendee with a creative opportunity to explore combining psychotherapy with the revolution in digital technology-by harnessing the ubiquity of the use of cell phones, digital cameras, voice recorders, You Tube, Skype and the internet to advance psychological well-being of clients.

Narrative therapy will be examined from the perspective of transforming the traditional memory book into a digital format. Mental health professionals who work with children, adolescents and end of life clients and significant others will become familiar with an innovative and non-threatening counseling intervention that will complement traditional psychotherapy. School Counselor Woodridge Local Schools Presenters will provide participants with a blueprint for organizing and executing a Cyber-Safety Awareness Day for high school students.

The presenters will share detailed information about developing an appropriate timeline, scheduling exceptional speakers, securing an outstanding video on cyber-bullying, staffing the event, and obtaining feedback from the students and staff following the presentations. Participants will leave the session with the tools they need to replicate a Cyber-Safety Awareness Day for their high schools. Conversation and Demonstration Nancy P Taylor: Counselor Educator Michelle Jackson: School Counselor Cleveland Hts.

City Schools Timeka Paylor: School Counselor Warrensville Hts. Schools Kim S Zannetti: School Counselor West Geauga School District Effective supervision is key to developing a strong professional identity in school counselors, rooted in confidence in their competence and motivated by a desire to help others.

A plan for structuring the school counseling internship seminar over two semesters will provide the context for the developmental model of supervision that will be presented. Specific focus will be placed on the skills and content in building the relationship between the site supervisor and the school counseling intern.

Panel members include practicing school counselors who serve as site supervisors. Counselors considering serving as supervisors will benefit from the scenarios presented and the ensuing conversation. Outpatient Therapist The WhyTry Organization This presentation provides the audience with renewed motivation and specific tools to build resiliency while teaching important social and emotional skills to at-risk youth.

Christian Moore will share motivational stories from his own life experiences as a youth with severe learning disabilities. He will walk the audience through the social and emotional assets that allowed him to get a masters degree and become a nationally recognized child advocate. He will explore the sees of motivation and hope which enable children to overcome poverty, violence, and failure and succeed in education, the workplace and life.

Professor University of Toledo This workshop is for those professional school counselors who have accepted and embraced the reality that they need to be keeping better records. Simple methods of tracking contacts will be shared. Efficient and practical Service Plans will be shared as well as how to write them goals, ways to achieve goals, when to terminate for those students being seen for the same issue for three or more sessions.

How to maintain these files will also be discussed. Participants will be able to share what works for them.