An inspector calls gerald and sheilas relationship marketing

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an inspector calls gerald and sheilas relationship marketing

What changes occur between in the relationship between Gerald and Sheila in the course of the play 'An Inspector calls.' Sheila is a pretty girl, in her twenties. The development of Sheila, one of the central characters of the second act, is very important to the play. She starts, in Act One, as “a pretty girl. Part 5- Morality and Relationships in 'An Inspector Calls'- Eric Birling monopolise the market even further and his daughter moves up the social scale, Sheila's revelation that “he drinks too much” and Gerald's agreement.

This can be seen when Shelia challenges her parents ideologies by staying 'but these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people' Here, through the use of the hyphen, Priestley forces the reader to pause as Shelia realises the value of human lives.

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She seems to be outraged by the fact her father considers women to be 'cheap labour' because, as a female herself, she feels antagonised by what she hears.

Whilst on a literal level, the term 'cheap labour' may refer to the fact that lower class women such as Eva were often seen as cheap labour carrying out menial jobs such as cleaning and working in service, the term may also allude to the fact that women were seen as inferior to men as they had fewer rights. However, having said that, the fact that Priestley uses the word 'labour' may be significant as it could refer to the fact that, following the Second World War and during the year that the play was written, a Labour Government was voted into power and a time of great social change began.

This, therefore, may be Priestley reinforcing his point that change is necessary and that it is essential for Britain to build a new, more equal society following the Second World War.

The fact that Shelia stands up to her parents is also important. The play is set in and It was at this point in history that women were starting to want more equal rights with men and the suffragette movement was beginning.

an inspector calls gerald and sheilas relationship marketing

The suffragette movement was important as it gave women hope and allowed them the opportunity to voice their opinions and stand up for what they believed in. Lust and Sloth In my view, Eric is one of the most interesting characters in the play. Our first impression of him is quite poor: He is a character we can view in binary opposition to Gerald as there are only a few years that separate them but a world of difference in terms of their attitudes, their outlooks and their general demeanours.

Arthur Birling treats his son like a child and then appears disappointed when he behaves like one.

Gerald and Sheila’s relationship

Gaining Gerald as a son-in-law would also be the culmination of his business aspirations as with one stone he gains a business merger that will help the two companies monopolise the market even further and his daughter moves up the social scale, satisfying his social climbing dreams. Is it any surprise then, that Eric feels redundant and spends his time and money carousing?

an inspector calls gerald and sheilas relationship marketing

Priestley presents us with a character whose parentage means that he does not entirely fit in with the class the Birlings aspire to be part of. Were you in love with her Gerald?

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I didn't feel about her as she felt about me. Thirdly Gerald and Mr. Birling uses wealthy items in love, to perhaps satisfy women. So far I have explored that in the play, Priestley conveys the idea of love around looks, gaining wealth and sex due to Eric's affair with Eva.

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In this paragraph, wealth in terms of love is going to be discussed in further depth. It's interesting how Sheila sets expectations on Gerald by saying, 'I'd hate you to know about port' and 'You'd be careful', however she automatically turns more compassionate to him once he gives her the extravagant ring.

an inspector calls gerald and sheilas relationship marketing

She was suddenly 'kissing him hastily. In addition, women's looks and work were, on the other hand, the main reasons why men 'loved' them.

I find part of this drama play quite ironic since Sheila only felt the love when she had something materialistic through the use of Priestley's quote, 'Now I really feel engaged who has put the ring on admiringly. The adverb 'admiringly' connotes the contrast to Sheila's value of the ring compared to her expectations on Gerald.

In conclusion, Priestley provokes the meaning of 'love' in that Yorkshire time period, which was defined by women's looks and men's prosperity.