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With the release of Scholar of the First Sin, it is revealed that Aldia did not become the Ancient Dragon, but was transfigured into a blob-like. LoreExtremely convincing involvement of Aldia in Ashes of Ariandel (self. darksouls3) I'm listening to both to see if it sounds like there's a connection. . But without self, one has neither beginning nor end, and so the Forlorn have .. Aldia's Japanese name is (researcher of the first sin), while the ingame. Added in patch of the Scholar of the First Sin update, Aldia prompting an alternate ending, similar to the ending of the first Dark Souls.

There is little chance the bearer of the curse could cure the Undead Curse, and if he did, it would only be for himself, not for the entirety of Drangleic. So my theory is that someone else had to step up and link the flame, presumably slaying the bearer of the curse in the process.

This would make some sense in the lore of Dark Souls, and would be an interesting thought as no matter what, the cycle would continue to go on, even if we went for a third option.

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Tell me what you guys think of this theory and feel free to tear it apart just be nice about it. Xethuminra Xethuminra 1 year ago 2 Doesn't the Armour say the land is known for the Legend of linking the Flame?

You might benefit from this thread No real evidence I can see to support that argument. Seems unclear that the Cursed Undead did anything after that ending. Also, the item description is quite vague.

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Feel free to connect things however you want, but probably best to provide at least a few pieces of evidence if you want others to engage with your theories.

Just not much here to work with. None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me! Although I do think the lore is relevant, albeit not as important as 1 or 3. It's not much of a stretch to suggest that, after some time had passed, the name of the smith who created the armor would be lost to time.

However, people would remember the ancient land from which the armor originated and call it by that name. The tentacles have a maximum turning angle of about 45 degrees, so using that is helpful. It is also really helpful to run towards his right flank at about 90 degrees from the front of his face, so avoid the tentacles.

Do NOT hit Aldia when he is surrounded by fire. That's basically Aldia for you.

Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin

Melee strategy Aldia has no attacks that must be rolled. When he does his Charged Fireball attack, you have around 5 safe seconds to deal dmg to him. Run away from the fireball and it should miss you. When he slams just one tentacle in the ground, the attack can be a really badly tracking tentacle attack, much like Fire Snake pyromancy.

It can also be a little bit better tracking but otherwise same kind of attack that starts not from the tentacle that slams in the ground, but from any side of Aldia closest to you. Both can be evaded by running clockwise around Aldia when he is slamming the one tentacle. After this attack you have time to deal swings at Aldia before the fire shield comes back up.

When he does homing fire mass, just run sideways to avoid the balls, or use a spell parry shield. The Lion Warrior Set description states, "The Lion Clan are an offshoot race that have no ties to humans, and would murder anyone with the curious notion of approaching them.

Why would they despise their own looks? Because they're abominations, and they know it. Tark himself doesn't seem to be loving life right now.

So in that area we've got: The whole area seems to be Aldia's zoo, with the fog possibly trapping them within the place, not just keeping people out. So Tark effectively tells us that the Duke created them. But, that alone does not really prove Aldia is the Duke But, there is another type of man-beast: The brutish and might Primal Knights wield this halberd like a feather-light twig, but to the ordinary warrior it is a chore to even hold up, owing to its great weight.

Terrible experiments were said to have taken place in a hidden manor in Drangleic. The mastermind presiding over the deeds was thought to be Lord Aldia. But, no one ever said the Duke wasn't Aldia. They both created man-beasts because they're the same person, hence all the overlapping information.

So, where does Aldia fit into the cycle of reincarnation and Eastern mythology? While Gwyn is supposedly the Old Iron King and not Vendrick, the latter is still the "Gwyn" of this world from a literary perspective, and From Software is known for this sort of thing.

With that, we can see that Gwyn liked Seath, his right-hand man and most trusted confidant, and also the smartest being with an expressed interest in sorcery and unlocking the secrets sorcery held. Seath wanted immortality because he lacked them scale of immortality of his race.

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It is mentioned that Vendrick and Aldia, moreso, were working to unlock immortality. Aldia is also the right-hand man of Vendrick, if we discount his zealot guard, Velstadt, who is really only the right-hand man by name and rank. Aldia, on the other hand, is both the older brother and the man Vendrick was working with to "solve" the curse of the undead.