Adam and nancy lanza relationship

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adam and nancy lanza relationship

The woman, who said she had an “online relationship” with Lanza for . A Newtown resident told the FBI that Nancy Lanza said Adam Lanza. While the shooter, Adam Lanza, lived with his mother in the same home, in an interview with one of Nancy Lanza's close friends, we learn that. Adam and Nancy Lanza (Reuters/Facebook) on the relationship between gunman Adam Lanza and his mother prior to the deadly massacre.

This year, CNN anchor Jake Tapper tweeted 26 names and photosputting faces to an avalanche of unimaginable loss.

adam and nancy lanza relationship

The number 26 accounts for the 20 children who were killed, and the six adults who died trying to save their lives. But in that tally of the tragedy, one life is missing: By doing this, we miss a critical point about the Sandy Hook massacre.

On the morning of Dec. He fired four shots into her body; an action that his dad considered to be deeply symbolic. She purchased the guns her son used to carry out the massacre. As his mother, the argument goes, she should have seen his capacity for violence, even when no one else did. Adam was severely developmentally disabled, hypersensitive to sounds and smells, and suffered from debilitating panic attacks.

Adam Lanza's family: Mom liked parlor games, guns; dad, a tax exec, remarried - CNN

She worried about what would happen to the shooter if anything happened to her. He complained if she wore high heels because they were too loud. The smell of her cooking dinner could make him highly agitated.

In times of intense tragedy, the public yearns for someone to scapegoat. Beyond year-old temper tantrums — typical for Asperger's children — we lack even hearsay evidence that this kid was ever violent before.

adam and nancy lanza relationship

Even the oft-printed assertion that Nancy frequently took her sons to shooting ranges is not bearing scrutiny. At a nearby range, police pored for hours over every sign-in, and found no Lanza at target practice in Nevertheless, Nancy Lanza has been disparaged from the start. Yet this gonzo tag hails from a single, biased source, Nancy's sister-in-law, and has since been contradicted by friends. An acquaintance said she seemed "high-strung" — an opaque and prospectively neutral adjective that went viral, repeated to insinuate that the mother herself might have been unbalanced.

adam and nancy lanza relationship

Much of what we now know about Nancy is none of our business: For the purpose of deciding whether her murder is worthy of our mourning, it is our business whether her son was overtly unhinged, so should never have been living in a household with guns.

Unnervingly, to our knowledge Adam Lanza never gave any outward expression to the malice festering in his head.

adam and nancy lanza relationship

Before that awful Friday, he wouldn't have appeared necessarily more dangerous than any other shy, quiet young man. Around million weapons in the US are kept legally in private hands.

Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza’s turbulent home life with mother revealed

Every such American is thus guilty of the exact same dereliction as Nancy Lanza was. Do they all deserve to die? Indeed, any gun owner assumes the risk that the weapon will be misused, perhaps to horrific effect. Sure, bring on the gun control debate. But Nancy Lanza is a scapegoat. A vibrant woman of 52 was killed in Connecticut, and her death might have merited at least one damn bell toll.