Abc meet and greet reviews for horrible bosses

Review: 'Horrible Bosses' Kills With Comedy - ABC News

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  • 'Horrible Bosses' Kills With Comedy

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abc meet and greet reviews for horrible bosses

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Movie Reviews: 'The Interview,' 'Into the Woods,' 'Unbroken'

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She plays crazy well; her body makes the job easier. At one point, she taunts him in nothing but a medical coat and pair of panties.

abc meet and greet reviews for horrible bosses

It's not Aniston's most nuanced role, but it's her funniest in recent memory. Jamie Foxx and Julie Bowen round out the stellar cast, Foxx as a wannabe thug-turned-murder consultant to the boys and Bowen as the promiscuous wife of Spacey's office oligarch. If "Horrible Bosses" overdoes it on anything, it's crudeness.

The film sustains itself on a heavy diet of four-letter words and colorful terms for male and female genitalia. I'd offer some of its laugh-out-loud one-liners here, but I'd get fired, which, according to the movie, is a fate worse than having a horrible boss.