1 and 4 relationship numerology chart

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1 and 4 relationship numerology chart

Nearly all numbers in numerology are "broken down" to a single-digit number, so add 5+9 to equal 14, and then 1+4 to equal 5. This is the life path number for. When you calculate numbers in numerology (for example, the number in your If your life path number is 1, then you are going to be most compatible with life. The year consists of 4 digits - 2, 0, 1 and 9. The dominant figure since the millennium is 2. Two means emotions, choices, relationships. 2 also means water .

Fives are adventurous, mercurial and enjoy the sensual or tactile experiences in life. The six individual tends to be responsible, cautious and domestic in personality. Sevens are spiritual, enjoy a good mystery and can be a bit eccentric from time to time. Eights are money-oriented, decisive and authoritative.

On the downside, they can sometimes come across as a bit stern. The multi-talented nine takes a global world view of life and is quite compassionate when dealing with others. Eleven is considered a master number, so it is thought to be "enlightened". Even so, while it does resonate with the lower vibration of the two, it can still be a bit intense and high strung.

1 and 4 relationship numerology chart

Twenty-two is another master number that provides the individual with a goal-oriented point of view. These folks tend to be globally inspired planners that incorporate the steadiness of the four vibration and couple it with a world view.

1 and 4 relationship numerology chart

Numerology Compatibility To use the chart below, first calculate the names' life path number. From there, note that the chart contains some empty spaces specifically, in the Neutral column.

1 and 4 relationship numerology chart

Two and four Twos and fours relate to others in similar ways, and can form a romantic or professional relationship based on reliability, steadfastness, and security. Twos thrive on partnership and cooperation, and fours need the stability and comfort of an ordered environment to function.

Though a romantic relationship between twos and fours may not produce sparks, there will be a secure bond that can endure for years to come.

Two and five Even with great effort, relationships between twos and fives, whether romantic or professional, come with difficulties. While twos place high importance on strong relationship bonds and seek an environment in which they can give and receive love, fives require room to roam and freedom to chase the moment.

If the chemistry between this pair is sufficient to overcome their opposite styles of loving, their mutual respect can be the glue that binds them. Two and six This pair could form strong, solid romantic ties, for they share similarities in expectations of partnership.

Sixes are responsible, protecting, nurturing, and sympathetic, and twos are cooperative, adaptable, and considerate of others. Both twos and sixes also value steadfastness and stability.

A problem may arise when the practical approach of the six hurts the feelings of the sensitive two. Otherwise, this relationship can provide each with the security they both crave.

Two and seven In this relationship, similarities and differences can allow the bond to grow, or break apart. Sevens can be distant and often require "alone" time in which to think and analyze, while twos need sharing and togetherness. If sevens can use their analytical abilities to recognize the emotional needs of twos and if twos can cede space so that sevens can receive emotional downtime, this relationship can be beneficial to both.

Two and eight Eights value an outward demonstration of success and material gain, while twos like being the caretaker of the family and "keeping the home fires burning. If this pairing finds difficulty, it will be in the reversal of roles where the male is forced to maintain the home and offer nurturing while the female provides the income.

Two and nine Nines and twos share a giving nature and concern for their fellow man, but the manner in which these qualities manifest can cause problems in a relationship between them.

In a romantic relationship, twos may find that nines are too distracted with "saving the world" to provide the attention and dedication that they require. Three and three This relationship can be exciting and exhilarating, as both are creative in verbal and physical expression and share a love of the arts. However, there may be difficulty in attending to day-to-day matters, for neither is good at taking care of practical functions. For this pairing to succeed, one or both has to decide who will manage the daily details of life.

Three and four Fours are dedicated to continual service that leads to steady growth, while threes are spontaneous and see enjoyment of life as a goal. Fours are masters at ordering their environment, and expect the same of others.

Threes make few plans, wait to see what the day brings, and hope for the best. This relationship could work, for one could provide a symbiotic balance for the other, however, there will be difficulty. Three and five Socially, this relationship will be a positive one, since both threes and fives are interested in the arts, outgoing, creative, and love to travel and entertain.

They will usually enjoy these activities together. However, neither is interested in the management of practical matters that make everyday existence run smoothly.

For this union to succeed, one of the two must decide who will be responsible for the mundane details of life. Three and six This is a complementary relationship, for sixes are sympathetic and protective and like to nurture loved ones, and threes need the balance and stability that this union would provide.

Also, sixes can offer motivational support when threes are working on new ideas and endeavors. All in all, this relationship could survive as long as sixes allow the threes their freedom and threes accept that sixes are not ideal partners for constant social activities. Three and seven Without adjustments, this relationship could be a difficult one, for threes and sevens are almost polar opposites. While threes are sociable and like to be part of the crowd, sevens are introverts and prefer nothing more than being alone to read or simply reflect.

Compromise could make this union successful, if threes understand that sevens require solitude in large doses, and sevens allow threes their time in the spotlight. Three and eight Eights are status-oriented, thrive on goals, and need to demonstrate material accomplishments, while threes live in the moment and are not interested in worldly gain. Threes also require attention and eights may be too distracted by the pursuit of outside endeavors to fulfill that need.

This pairing is not promising, but could work if eights allow themselves to relax and have fun sometimes, and threes learn to accept that eights are never more satisfied than when pursuing success. Three and nine This is a relationship that requires little effort in order to succeed, for threes and nines have a lot in common. Both are creative, outgoing, sociable and interested in the arts and humanitarian undertakings.

Nines can also become willing teachers to threes who are always open to new thoughts and ideas. As long as they allow each other moments to shine, this relationship can be beneficial. Four and four This relationship would be a union of strong and steady equals.

Fours insist on order and stability, and are accustomed to growth after limitation. Both are aware of what it takes to claim success, and remain constantly dedicated to building a strong foundation from which to pursue their endeavors.

Two fours together would only double their efforts and combine in determination to make this pairing a solid one. Four and five This relationship could present a challenge, for the emotional needs are so dissimilar. Fours need order, stability, and security, while fives focus on social undertakings and live in an eternal search for adventure. Compromise can be reached, however, if the two decide that the relationship is important enough to attempt a workable solution.

Four and six This is a relationship of traditional equals, for they share similar ideals about life and what a relationship entails.

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Both thrive on security and stability, and would work to maintain a positive home environment for their loved ones. However, problems could occur due to lack of compromise, as entrenchment of personal beliefs may be an issue for both. Otherwise, this is a good pairing for a lasting union. Four and seven Fours work constantly toward steady prosperity, and are dedicated to providing security for their loved ones. In a relationship with an introverted seven, the four would take care of practical affairs while the seven maintained the home.

This relationship would not be one stoked by passion, but would contain sufficient amounts of loyalty and affection.

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Four and eight This relationship is a promising one, for fours and eights share similarities in ideals centered around home, family, security, and financial stability. This is a good pairing for business, friendship, or romance. The couple would have to plan time together, as each would be so engrossed in outside activities that the relationship may take a backseat to other priorities.

1 and 4 relationship numerology chart

This would be a satisfactory union. Four and nine This is a difficult pairing, due to lack of common ideas on how goals should be met. Even compromise may fail to sustain the relationship, for the needs of each are similar, yet so different.

Fours see life as one of duty, responsibility, and service, and though nines also value responsibility and service, their range of operation encompasses the world and is not restricted to home and family. All in all, chances are this would not be a successful pairing. Five and five None other than a five could fully appreciate the five's need to explore, to break restrictive bonds, and engage in a continual search for adventure.

Fives, above all others, would make ideal partners for other fives, and together would spend time in social pursuits and seeking out new activities. The only problem would be in deciding who would manage practical day-to-day affairs, for neither would be apt to take on this role.

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Otherwise, this is an exciting union. Five and six This relationship may not be the most enduring, due to opposing beliefs about what a relationship means. The problem is obvious from the beginning -- fives seek freedom and sixes seek close companionship. If a compromise can be reached to bridge the divide between what each require in a relationship, they could probably find sufficient common ground to make it work.

Five and seven Sevens require time alone, while fives seek the spotlight, and there seems to be no intersection of compatibility in this union. Though the relationship could develop into one of mutual understanding and respect, their needs are so divergent that the couple runs the risk of losing emotional contact with each other even if they live under the same roof. This union would work well professionally or platonically.

Five and eight Eights strive for control in all matters, and to them, the pursuit of monetary goals is paramount, while fives value freedom from restriction, and money is, at best, a secondary consideration.

For these reasons, a relationship between the two will be challenging to sustain. If the eight could learn to release the five to pursue necessary social outlets, and the five could understand that the eight's passion is to conquer and achieve, this union could survive.